Enchanted: Full Moon in Cancer

It’s the most magical time of the year…well one of them at least. This full moon in Cancer coincides with the Winter Solstice. We have passed the 7th gate into the Underworld, leaving behind our connections to this material world to move deeper into the spiritual. A full moon in the darkest night illustrates the absorb nature of duality. There is never darkness without light or light without darkness. I was reminded of Genesis 1:1-3

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.”

            There was never a time without darkness. The notion that we come from the light is a limited notion. Light comes from darkness. The energy of a cancer full moon brings us back to the waters of life that existed in the darkness. Think of all that is waiting for you in the shadows. More than you could ever imagine. We haven’t even explored most of the waters of this planet and are always finding new forms of life. New ways to love, exist and be. What exists in the dark waters of the primordial mother for you?

          This new moon allow yourself to become Enchanted. To fall in love with the magic of the season. The way the light shines through the trees. The glisten on frost, ice,or snow in the morning light. The flicker of the firelight against the cold dark of the night. Everything holds a bit of magic within it if you’re willing to see it. There’s a magic practice that calls for you to “soften your gaze”,letting your eyes slowly lose focus so that the world is a little hazy. It removes the harsh filter of reality that binds us to this world. Move into the world of dreams an imagination of the 8th gate. This space that allows for anything to be possible. Unicorns, mermaids, fairies, elves, wands,and magic rings are the norm here. Need something? Say the words with the right materials and it is yours. If you’ve been following along I’ve been working my way through the underworld with some of the Goddesses of Life and Death. Checkout the Enchanted series to begin your exploration of this liminal space. It’s never too late to enter the land of Enchantment.

          This full moon brings us healing and wisdom. When you entered the 7th Gate to the Underworld what did you release? What did you have to let go of? There is healing that can be found from finding your connection to these items, beliefs,experiences, roles, or relationships. There is something that holds you the reconnected to them and thus to your current state. If you want to change that through Shadow Alchemy, allow yourself to find the joy in not having them. The brilliance of letting Spirit carry the load for a moment. Does this make you feel anxious,scared, relieved? Sit with those feelings. Breath through them. Light some incense to your favorite guide, fix them a meal, and let yourself feel that release. In Enchantment we will explore the ways to utilize the art of beauty, glamour, visualization, breath work, and movement to perform Shadow Alchemy. The stronger the feeling the more powerful the reaction. Think of a chemical reaction, some are small and unnoticeable others can level a nation. Think of the change you can bring to your life with that kind of energy.

          As you sit and take this energy in what messages have you received? Watch your dream sand look for other reoccurring signs in your life such as numbers (3, 6, 8), animals,or themes in your conversations will all be clues to what areas you need to work on or will assist you in your work. Oh and if you need some support Isis is the perfect Goddess to work with.

Happy Full Moon and Winter Solstice loves, 

Kamilah Rose 


Winter Solstice 2018: The Heart of the Underworld


            Welcome to the 7th Gate. On this day we enter into death releasing all that holds us to who we think we are and who we want to be. We are only spirit here. Even those who you care for or are responsible for are no longer under your care. The Anuna, the 7judges, have case their verdict. The judgement: death. Death of the beliefs, relationships, and self that binds us to the needs, desires, and rules of the world. Here, order is derived from Universal Law. “The ways of the underworld are perfect”. “Be satisfied, a divine power of the underworld has been fulfilled. You must not open your mouth against the rites of the underworld.”

            What do you feel when you release all your ties to this life? Are you free? Fearful? Open and ready to see what is next? Everyone has a different moment each time they enter death. It is exactly what one needs at that time. Perhaps you are in rest mode or perhaps you are feeling called to action. To move, to work, to heal, to breath, to be. In death, what actions are you called to? Love             Universal Love: Relationships will feel full of love. A divine love. The love that is shared directly from Source. This shifts the duality of love throughout shadow and light. Source holds all emotional states. For some, that love is is clear but in others it is refracted. When we release ourselves in the underworld we experience the unhindered love of completion. Embrace that this winter and DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS from anyone or anything thing.

            Now that you are released from your binds, what do you need to get done? Where do you need to put your energy or build your power? Review, review, review! Do you need to correct some relationships? If someone has been treating you crazy or taking advantage of you this year let them know that time is over. Develop your boundaries, state them, and enforce them. This may mean that you lose some things along the way. Stepping into your power can come at a price. What are you willing to release to be free?In Winter, it is your life. To return to the land of the living, someone must take your place. What will that sacrifice be? What are you willing to let die? Views,behaviors, habits, relationships, items, places that drain you? Let it go.

Welcome to the Underworld. 

Kamilah Rose

November Writing Prompt: Giving Thanks

Greetings beloveds!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today let’s explore what we are thankful for. Not just the usual family, good health, prosperity, or love. But for our shadows that benefit us. 

Here’s our prompt: “Today I am thankful for my shadow…” and just write what comes to mind. You may be surprised at what you find. 

With love, 

Kamilah Rose

Full Moon in Aries: Can You Stand on Your Head?

It’s our full moon in Aries! Whoo we are feeling the movement and letting it guide us towards our biggest desires. When we begin to expand this can cause us to meet resistance in the form of hostility from others around us. Sometimes when we grow and change it makes others uncomfortable because they are not used to us behaving in this way. We might also begin to self-sabotage. Finding ways to keep ourselves from reaching our full potentials because it’s safer to stay small. If you find yourself feeling jealous of others, frustrated with yourself, or having lots of people be hard on you or difficult this is the time to harness the energy of Aries. Face your fears and stand up for yourself. It’s time to be true to who you are. If you are behaving in a way that harms others take that step back and access what you can do to improve how you treat yourself/others.

This fire will be burning through you bringing you experiences of heightened love, creativity, and self-expression. Find the things that bring you joy and make you smile. Staying true to yourself is the key to manifestation as represented by the tale of Coatlicue the Aztec Goddess of Life and Death. Coatlicue birthed the sun, moon, stars and hundreds of other children. After becoming pregnant from a ball of feathers with the God of war, sacrifice, and the sun Huitzilopochtli, her daughter Coyolxauhqui decapated Coatlicue to save them from Huitzilopchtli. Yet, upon her death Huitzilopchtli emerged prepared to serve his purpose. This story illustrates how we have multiple opportunities to follow our calling. That even when it might seem that the world is working against you, it might be just what you need to be free.

You too can harness this energy of transforming the negative into the positive energy as well. There are several ways to accomplish this. One thing you can try is focusing on finding neutral ground in the situation (all things are energy). This will make it so you leverage every action into a form of support for your desires. A second tactic is to appreciate everything that happens to you good and bad. This feeds your shadow giving it the acknowledgment that it seeks so that you are less likely to self-sabotage or become subject to others influence.

Coatlicue lived her life according as she pleased knowing that there must be balance. So as there will be times when you are receiving everything you have ever wanted there will be times when it seems that everything is going wrong. This is the time of greatest power. Keep your head (lol) and use this to your advantage.

Happy full moon loves!

-Kamilah Rose

Gods of Life and Death: Osiris


Greetings beloveds,

All things are in balance and with the feminine Gods of Life and Death, we have the masculine Gods of Life and Death. These Gods have been brought into our world to provide the masculine energetic journey from birth, life, and death to resurrection.

We start with Osiris, the brother and husband of Auset (Isis). He is the ruler of the underworld, death, and completion. From death comes life and the return of balance through their son Horus.

Here are links to learn more about this powerful masculine God of Life and Death.

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Ancient History Encyclopedia: Osiris 

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Ancient Origins: The Story of Osiris – How the First Ruler of Egypt Became God of the Underworld




Autumn Equinox Feminine and Masculine Energetic Readings: From Chaos comes Power- From Darkness comes Light

20170825_090827Greetings beloveds,

Fall will be a season of renewal through death. It is an old process that the Earth is well aware of but that modern society has pushed from its consciousness due to modern industry, technology, and agriculture. Psychologically, the need to go within and have time to reflect, release, and create still calls upon us. This fall, we find ourselves in deep reflection. This has been a year of great change, re-calibrating, and the universal reveal of the shadow. Issues such as racism, sexism, classism, judgement, shaming, fear mongering, scarcity mindset, and abuse tactics have reared their head this entire year forcing us to face what we may have previously been able to at best ignore. There are many choices available to us on how to interact with this energy. The wheel of fortune is resetting and we are nearing the point when the cycle will reach its start point. We have examined our patterns and now I hope that we are all able to utilize mechanisms that honor our own and each others sovereignty.

This fall take the injustices, the fears, the anger, the sadness all the feelings that you have experienced over the past year and let them bring you to a place of action guided by integrity and spirit. Find a space where you can unite with others to bring peace, love, and justice to the world around you. Ground yourself in energy that is geared towards sustainability, holistic health, and wellness. These will assist you as you turn to face your fear this season. There is a power in naming that which has control of us. Be wise about the attention or energy that you give to your fears. This could strengthen them. Instead, take time to find out the root of your fears and begin to dismantle them. This may need to be done under the supervision of a trained professional counselor or therapist. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed immediately see out support from your community and professionals.


If your fear surrounds expansion, that you are not good enough, that you cannot succeed in making your dreams come true, this month will bring you opportunities to call your fears bluff. Why do you play small? Why do you not reach for the stars? Perhaps you are concerned with what others will think of your dreams or your passion. Or maybe you do not think that what you want to do will be “practical” enough to afford you to pay your bills and survive. Whatever your fears are October is the time to turn to them and laugh in their face. Not a mocking laugh but one of joy and ecstacy. Make your projects and passion fun. Fully embrace what makes them appealing to you. There is a reason that you were born. There is a reason that you feel called to follow your dreams. When you feel restricted remember what makes you feel free about this endeavor. What liberates you about your passion. Let that be what drives you. If all else fails, find songs, clothing, art, food, or some other form of entertainment that represents your desire and go full out with it. Dance all night, have elaborate dinners with yourself or your friends, head to the costume shop and dress as your favorite character. Live it up my loves. This is the month to find the joy in your dreams. Let your heart be your guide.


From the chaos will come love and then law. The world is continuing to be pulled a part. Everything is being put into alignment and that can look like chaos. It is time be honest about who you are, where you are, and what you want. Love must be accompanied be trust if not to create pain. Trust is built upon sharing intimacy, our truth, and our fears. Intimacy can be one of the things that we fear the most. Allowing another to see us for who we truly are. The survivor, the monster, the hypocrite, the liar, the adulterer, insecure, insane, neurotic, needy, demanding, or broken. All parts of who we may be that we do not want others to see. We want to appear as completely put together. Or at least holding things together well enough to not appear as out of control. We hide the chaos of our true selves under many layers of our more “positive” traits.

Or perhaps we do not hide our chaos. Perhaps we put it all out there. During this age of social media there are more channels than ever to share our truth with everyone. Sharing and integrating are very different things though. You may know someone who has no trouble letting you know all of their flaws and the hardships that they face. Yet it seems that they remain in these cycles over and over. You wonder how? Are we not to face and speak our truth? We can acknowledge something or pay lip service to it and never attempt to change things.

This November that time is up. The truth of our beings will be placed upon the scales of justice and Maat will see you now. Get yourself into alignment. There are 42 Laws of Maat, because when chaos began to shift into order Maat was formed to create and judge the laws upon which the world revolved. Will your scales be balanced? If not make the necessary changes. Know this though that the only one who can balance your scales is you. The same is true for everyone else. You cannot balance someone else scales. They must do their own work. They must own their own work. If you find one of your scales is unbalanced then perhaps you are carrying too much weight. Is it yours? If not they it is time to place that weight where it belongs. Give it back to who it belongs to. Taking ownership of our truth and our scales is justice. When we must carry the full weight of who we are that is judgement. You can balance your scales and in doing so you will achieve justice.


Over the past two months you have journeyed deep within the underworld. You have faced your fears and balanced your scales. What did you find when you did this work? How are you feeling now? We are nearing the point of the darkest night of the year. Do you feel the depth of yourself? The complexities of who you are and what you can be? Within the shadows of yourself have you found the light? Even if it is just a sliver, it is there. The truth of the shadow is that it cannot exist without the light. Your fears could not exist without your dreams, hopes, and desires. Within this work that you have done this season, find your power. That light that lies within the shadow is strong enough to exist within the darkness. That same light and power exists within you. When you face those fears you take back the power that they had over you. You can then harness that power to manifest what you dream of. Why do you think so much of our society is based upon creating fear in us? So that others who know how to work with that energy can harvest it to create empires. Go within, enter the darkness, face your fears, and find the light of power that exists there. Then, following the winter solstice as the light of the world begins to return bring that power back with you out of the underworld and into your reality.


Phases of the Moon: Waning Gibbous Part 1

autumn moments (1)

Greetings beloveds,

At the recent women’s full moon circle, we did a descent into the underworld. I am used to being in the underworld as that is my home. This time though I was not looking forward to this trip because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed dealing with all the feelings of having to assert myself in turning down a potential suitor. Although some do this with no issue I have always had a hard time with this because I always feel so bad about not reciprocating someone’s feelings. Yet, I knew that I had to be upfront and honest about what I felt. It was empowering but I also felt a bit vulnerable.

As we went into the underworld I looked forward to seeing what message I would receive while there. I was not expecting the reception that I found upon passing the final gate. I have been working on a project featuring 12 Goddesses. As my flesh was placed upon the meat hook my soul rose in its usual garb of starlight. I found myself surrounded by these Goddesses. Slowly they stepped forward one by one, anointing me with their elements and talents. I was burned in the fire of Pele, kissed by the stars of Inanna, and welcomed into the arms of Isis. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

I had a faint awareness that something was shifting in my life but I wasn’t immediately sure what it was. I had received the information that I was to work on a program through which I would connect with the moon. I had been supposed to do this work last summer but I was not ready to face this aspect of myself. I was still feeling resistant to owning my truth. Then as I received that message about the moon the 12 Goddesses approached me to tell me that we would go on a journey next year. This would be my focus for 2018. To already have a spiritual project to complete for the next year is exciting but also a bit intimidating because it is such a large project. I’m not going to share more on this project yet because I’m still working out the details but it is my biggest endeavor yet in an area that I do not necessarily feel super comfortable with.


Taking the leap with this moon cycle exercise opened me up to more work that I’m supposed to complete. It is exciting, scary, and makes me want to distract myself with all kinds of things but I am staying focused. This is a time to accept who we are and where we are meant to be. I am the Hermit’s lantern shining bright to guide others. I am the activator.


Divination Toolkit: Astrology Series-The Moon


Divination Toolkit Astrology Series

Greetings beloveds,

This summer is going to feature quite a bit of our Divination Toolkit as we move through the tarot and finish up our astrology series. Today we will be introducing the Moon.

The moon is technically a satellite of the Earth but astrologically it is regarded as its own individual significant planet. The moon acts a huge mirror within the sky serving as our counterpart for the sun during the night. While the sun is the life-giving force of the day focused on the self, the moon turns that mirror inwards towards our soul’s journey. This is the space where our inner self comes to the forefront. The you that only those who have gone through the fire of the sun get to experience. Think of the night. In heat of the summer we are waiting for the sun to set and night to come. For the heat of the day to dissipate so that we can emerge from our cool abodes to comfortably spend time in nature. The same applies astrologically. The moon represents our subconscious as the parts of ourselves that we share only when we are most comfortable. It holds our secrets, inner desires, hopes, and wishes.

autumn moments (1)

Depending on one’s cultural background the moon holds either feminine or masculine energy. Often though it is associated with the feminine because of the moon phases association with women’s menstrual cycle, the “mystery” of the feminine, and the moon serving as a reflection of the sun as a masculine force. All beings hold feminine and masculine energy which allows for the moon to hold both as well. Particularly as the moon is a satellite which affects the tides because of its’ (and the suns’) gravitational pull on the water molecules of the ocean. Together these two forces affect our bodies because of their high-water content in the makeup of our blood, organs, and tissue. It is wise then to take time to observe our own relationship to the moon. Not based on only tradition, myth, or even science but through all of this in combination with our own observations.

There is much to learn from the moon including its’ metaphysical, spiritual, and practical properties. Over the next moon cycle, we will discuss the moons nodes, myths, and legends. I hope you’ll join us on this adventure!

With love,



12 Universal Laws: The Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction

Out of all the laws in the 12 Universal Laws this one recently has gotten the most attention out of them all. Generally, everyone has heard some reference to ask and it is given or you attract what you put out there. There are sometimes different aspects of the other laws that are conflated with the law of attraction. When we look at attraction it means both the power of something to evoke pleasure or desire from another and a force that pulls others under its influence to move towards each other. This is the Law of Attraction at its simplest iteration.

First, the Law of Attraction is tied to what we desire and receive pleasure from. The question then is what do we desire? What do we find pleasurable? One may say the usual of joy, happiness, love, money, wealth, peace, ease, material things, comfort, friends, and family. Yet, according to the second component of attraction what we draw to ourselves often reflects something else entirely. We find ourselves in situations of lack with finances, friends, family, love, business, material things, perhaps even food at times. What this suggests is that we are not as in touch with our desires and brings us pleasure as we may think we are. The things we say we want me not be what we are attuned to. So where does this point of attraction come from?

It is crucial that we delve into the subconscious. The conscious is what we are aware of without much reflection or work. Yet, there is a drive within us under the surface that is a powerful influence on the energy that we exert. It is here that some of the desires and things that we find pleasurable that are understood as negative, dark, evil, or bad can be found. It is here under the surface that we hide these desires because of how they are perceived or how they conflict with the lighter desires that we do feel comfortable expressing. Yet, the Law of Attraction is this amazing aspect that allows for us to see our true point of attraction.

The way upon which to delve through these darker aspects is through shadow work. In shadow work one takes time either through therapy, self-reflection, shamanic healing, or other forms of analytical work to move below the conscious into the depths of our subconscious. One can record their dreams to see what messages are being revealed to them there. One can embark on a journey into the underworld where they move through the levels of the subconscious releasing their connections to this material plane to remove the blocks that keep them from connecting to their full being of both light and shadow. Here in the underworld, they fully embody their shadow self, integrating that portion of being into their personality consciously so as to no longer be unconsciously driven by “hidden” desires.

What does that mean then in terms to the Law of Attraction? Well perhaps one consciously expresses that they want wealth but within one’s subconscious they feel unworthy of wealth and comfort. They desire poverty and difficulty in their life because it fulfills a belief that they hold of themselves that says that is what they deserve, or destined for, or through habituation brings them pleasure. It is comfortable not because of how it feels but because it is what one is used to. It is what fulfills the inner thoughts of what one believes they deserve. This happens not only on an individual level but on a family, group, national, racial, ethnic, generational, global, and universal level. There is a shadow side that exists on all levels that shows it’s self through the “negative” circumstances that continuously occur such as hatred, colonialism, prejudice, poverty, genocide, and environmental destruction. The path is the same. The same work must be done to explore what these are saying about our universal shadow just as much as we must explore our personal shadow.

The Law of Attraction is the gateway to developing the life we consciously desire but this cannot be done without being truthful about where and who we are. From there we can begin to change our point of attraction by recognizing the stories that have written about ourselves and realigning them. Finding the strength of our shadow and how it drives us. When we look at this way, one has always been a successful manifestor. It is just shifting what we desire so that all of our being is in alignment. You may here those who propose we follow the Law of Attraction to be selfish, to focus completely on your desires without giving attention to others, to only bring your attention to the things that are what you are wanting to manifest. This advice is a mixture of integrating the shadow but also repressing it. You embrace the shadow portion of yourself that is selfish and single sighted. Yet, through ignoring that which is not what you consciously desire you repress other portions of the shadow. Here is a radical notion, embrace everything that happens to you. Look at it to see what you are drawing towards you. Delve into your subconscious to determine why. Here’s the most important part though, you must do the same at the different levels of existence at the group, state, national, global and universal level. What is occurring at times is not tied specifically to your point of attraction or shadow. It’s tied to the larger narrative. If that is the case, do what you can to shift that energy through activism in either creating more macro programs, circumstances and systems that support your ability to express your fully integrated being.

The Law of Attraction is powerful, just as all the other 12 Universal Laws. We are to work on understanding and mastering them all. Together, they make up the system of how our world, presently functions. If we want to create real change then it helps to understand why what isn’t working does not work. Then from there we rewrite. Follow what works for you. Never let any of these Laws inhibit your growth or progress. Everything we experience we can learn from. Reflect, embrace, and integrate.


Full Moon in Sagittarius: Birthing the Phoenix

Full Moon Readings (1)

Greetings beloveds,

          I hope you are excited for this full moon in Sagittarius because I know I sure am. This is the last full moon before the summer solstice and I have never been more ready for a new season to begin. It’s only appropriate then that this full moon be in the sign of Sagittarius, the phoenix of the zodiac. The last full moon brought us into an underworld journey and now we are reaching the 8th gate. Once one goes beyond the 7th gate and relinquishes our connection to the world above us, we enter into the land of direct manifestation in the 8th gate which you can read more about here. Sagittarian’s as a sign, pull us up from the underworld after Scorpio’s descent, thus Sagittarian’s shine in the 8th gate. One could say, this is the home they know exists but that they rarely get to stay in for long serving as one of the reasons Sagittarian’s are always moving from one project to another. To learn more about Sagittarius and the other fire sign visit my Air and Fire Sign master post here.

Within the 8th gate we are called within. Our physical forms are forgotten left on the meat hook after the 7th gate. We now consist only of our souls. Bare and without reproach we are one with our desires and purpose. This full moon in Sagittarius calls for us to go to the 8th gate. Let our souls take the reign without the trappings of expectations placed upon our current incarnations. Our souls are always connected with the divine so there is no delay in receiving or sending information or knowledge. We connected with our ancestors and descendants last month and now it’s time to take the knowledge we gained and integrate it into our larger core being while we are within the 8th gate.

More than likely you will find intense feelings of joy and freedom while within the 8th gate. The 8th gate is the womb of the underworld. It is an inherently feminine energy related space as it incubates our souls until they are ready to return to death and reborn. While you are in the 8th gate you are a fully sovereign being. That is the foundation of freedom that you are experiencing. There are no governments, societies, cultures, religions, friends, family, or well-meaning acquaintances to direct you from their external standpoint. There is only you and the divine. One and the same. Love in its purest form. Embrace the love being directed towards you. If you have been feeling broken, lost or afraid let Spirit hold you in the safety of its warm dark womb. It is sharing with you the energy of birthing womb. Think of how much energy must be produced in order to give birth to anything. That is being shared with you so you are able to then have an overabundance of energy to give to those who love and support you. When you return from the 8th gate you will be reborn as a sovereign being. One who is powerful, creative, confident and unafraid to act on their purpose.

sunsetThere is so much going on in the world right now because this is a time of living our truth. People who have been hurting, angry, oppressed, sad, joyful, courageous, and delighted with life are expressing this to its full extent. We cannot live our truth without acknowledging that for some that truth is pain and anger. When we have spent so long repressing our shadow, it eventually expresses itself in ways that we cannot control. This had contributed to the confusion and fear many are experiencing because although we may be aware of the power our shadows hold we ignore it or pretend “those things don’t happen here”.  If you chose, clarity is available to you from Spirit. You can receive direction on how to express and understand all the feelings you are experiencing within yourself and empathetically from others. Take this knowledge and then define your boundaries. How do you want to be treated? What behaviors will you accept from others? Our shadow knows when others are treating you unfairly and will not accept that. Honor that knowing and draw the line in the sand. Breathe deeply and trust your intuition. It will guide you during this time.

I would also advise that you check our moon sign and see what qualities are associated with this astrological side. Then check to see if there are any forecasts or insights you align with this month for your moon sign. Our moon sign reflects our inner being and souls direction. You can locate your moon sign using any major astrological birth chart producer. You will just need your birth date, time of birth, and geographic birth location.

Here’s to sovereignty, love, and the rebirth of the Phoenix!