Phases of the Moon: Waning Gibbous Part II

autumn moments (1)

Greetings beloveds,

I had to step in and note just how calm I feel now that the moon has moved in Aquarius and is only 91% illuminated. I’m not sure if because of my ungrounded nature, I have one Earth sign in my chart which is Neptune in Capricorn in the 11th house, meaning I am not here for the securing material wealth work. I prefer to let it come to me by my shining personality which basically means I tend to be lazy. Although I love people who carry Capricorn energy it can be difficult for me to deal with the seriousness of Capricorn. I know being aware of one’s attitude towards value and wealth is important, but I tend to shy away from the topic. I know that the information that I share has value but I despise aligning that with monetary value. My Akashic Reader Chantel articulated my feelings towards this subject best when she said “you think that everyone knows what you know intuitively. That everyone has access to this information so it’s not something that should be charged for. You need to let go of that mindset because not everyone has access to the same information that you do, can express it like you can, and because of the way this world functions that knowledge has monetary value”. This sums up my experience in money, my gifts/talents, and views on the economy entirely.

As the energy has shifted, it feels like the pressure valve was released.  I can breathe. I look around and it seems like I just woke up out of a long slumber. Like all of this has been building up for some time. The messages about my future projects, the lack of fear, the freedom. If this is how Aquarius’s feel all the time sign me up! It is the vision of the larger picture with the knowledge of what must be done to achieve it which feels almost euphoric.

What does this mean? Well, now I take one step at a time towards the end goal. A large savings, a business that can sustain not only myself, my family, and my business partners, doing what I am called, living each day with intention. When Fear arises, moving with it. Embracing it. Loving it. There has been a path I needed to travel over the past year back to myself. I have come to turns in the path that sometimes felt like the destination but never had this sense of peace. Now, this portion of the path is complete. Before me is a never-ending fork in the road. It is up to me to choose which path to take from here. All I know is that the patterns of the past have been broken. The Karma completed. The hooks removed.


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