The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series-Strength, The Enchantress, Fortitude

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

XI Strength/The Enchantress/Fortitude

A woman stands tall unbothered as her hands close the mouth of a lion. She has the infinity symbol above her head and a chain or roses around her waist. She is the definition of calm cool and collected.

The Strength card can be known as the Enchantress or Fortitude. She represents mastery through spirituality as opposed to will. The Enchantress is one who has a deep connection to unseen power and energy. The infinity symbol above her head indicates that she has knowledge of the secrets of the universe. That which persists past here and now. When one knows their power and that nothing can destroy them for good they develop a sense of confidence that you can feel from across the room. When you find that connection whether it is within yourself or with the divine you will have the self-assurance to overcome any obstacles that come across your path. Most would consider the woman in this card to be in a very dangerous situation, yet she is calm and assured. She knows that she can handle this situation because she has done so before. She is not worried that the Lion could overpower her but calmly stands her ground. When this card comes up in your reading it could mean that you or someone around you is coming into your own power. You have gained the wisdom to know that success is not reliant upon social status, finances, and material objects. Without knowledge of self these other things are just window dressing.

Reverse: The Strength card in reverse suggests that you may be not be handling the obstacles, conflict, or stressors in your life well. You are relying on material means such as money or status to solve the problems you are encountering. You may also feel like someone is taking your power or that you are feeling silenced. Although it is great that the Enchantress feels confident if you are the lion who is unable to roar you will need to cultivate you own confidence.

Numerology and Astrology: 11 is the first master number in numerology. It is a number associated with great power, insight, intuition, and psychic abilities. Those who are aligned with the energy of 11 are here to attempt to elevate themselves to the higher aspects of the one vibration doubled. As you may recall, the number 1 is associated with leadership, individuality, innovation, growth, and the use of will to manifest. When this is doubled into the number 11 this means one could be a world leader, change nations, systems, cultures, and ways of thinking. Because this energy is doubled there is also more work to be done to achieve this outcome. There will be more obstacles to overcome during their lifetime than someone born under the number one. If you are a number 11 but are unable to align with that energy then you will live your life as number 2 (11=1+1). You will spend your time consumed by work and attempting to gain the status and impact that you know what you should be able to achieve. Those who do engage with the 11 energy can become susceptible to shadow side of that energy that uses their abilities to consumer power and acts as a dictator for their own benefit instead of in order to improve the lives of others. The Strength card is associated with the sign of Leo and the planets Saturn and Neptune. Leo’s are confident, self-assured and love to support others through their empathy. Saturn acts as the structure and rules represented by the Lion. Leo masters this material realm through their ability to remain calm during times of stress and change while not being overcome by the intimidating expectations of society.

The Fool has found himself. He is confident and assured. He now must learn to discern the truth of what he sees around him by focusing on the information he obtains spiritually as opposed to purely empirically.


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