The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series-The Moon

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

XVIII The Moon

The Moon moves through its phases from the dark new moon to the bright full moon. Here, the moon is in its’ waning crescent stage right before the new moon. There is enough light directed towards us to find our way slowly through the shadows. Beneath the moon there is a pond or stream which holds the depths of the mind as we move towards consciousness. Within the pool or stream there may be a crab, scorpion, or scarab representing the rising sun as Khepri the third form of Ra the Egyptian Sun God. On the side of the body of water are two jackals or a dog and a wolf. These creatures represent the influence our unfiltered base desires and our domesticated self makes on our life choices. Behind them we find two towers or a tower and a pyramid. These represent the same lives or foundations that we create that was destroyed in The Tower card. We are seeing the manifestation process here from subconscious drive to abstract thought, then filtered will through the animals, finally resulting in the creation of our lives through the towers. The Moon here shows that we are at a significant crossing point where we can see the result of the many paths that lay before us.

The moon card has several meanings such as deception, secrets, hidden agendas, and things unknown. The moon in its waning crescent phase provides just enough light to see with and plenty of shadows. During the night things are not always what they seem to be. What appears to be a towering, large, creature from a few feet away upon closer inspection could be a tree or bush. When the Moon card shows up in your reading there is more to the situation than meets the eye. You need to ask some pointed questions and get as much information about the topic as you can. There may also be people in your life who are not being honest and forthright with you. There may also be people working behind the scenes against you. The pool indicates that your intuition will be your best guide in this instance. Allow for your intuition to guide you to the truth of the matter.

The Moon card also shows up in readings when you are feeling very emotional. You are drowning in the pool or stream of your feelings letting the current pull you in a direction you did not choose. You may also be letting your inner desires drive you without using reason or rational. This is another form of letting your emotions rule your actions. Take a minute to sit back and unite reason with emotion so that you make wise decisions.  This practice will set you on a path towards a tower of prosperity and joy not a weak foundation that will be destroyed again as with the Tower.


The Moon card in reverse indicates that a time of increased stress and deceit is upon you but you are becoming aware of the falsehood. That bit of light evident with the waning crescent moon provides just what you need to see the truth in the situation. Stay focused on what your end goal is this will allow for you to see past the deception and not be led astray. Even if you do encounter setbacks return to your path as soon as possible.

Numerology and Astrology:

The number 18 is associated with healing, the body, intuition, and dreams. This is the energy of someone whose mind is active and their body follows. Those with 18 energy, are closely connected to their higher power and can intuitively determine the cause and solution to issues that individuals, groups, and societies face. Due to this they make excellent counselors, spiritual advisors, and consultants. Likewise, they are deeply connected to their subconscious, their dreams, and their emotions. These individuals feel everything deeply. Astrologically, the Moon tarot card is associated with the Sun and Pisces. Combined the energy of the Sun and Pisces is the complete union between the body and the soul. The self is actualized when the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are aligned which comes from the recognition that all these pieces that appear to be separate are inherently connected. When this is achieved the self is able to move past deceptions from external forces. The Moon represents that last bit of us that needs to be integrated before we are reborn.

The Fool now has united his body, soul, and mind. He is ready to move from an unconscious drive towards conscious activity. He is ready to shine under The Sun.


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