Moon Phases: Waning Crescent Part III – The Healing Elder

autumn moments (1)Greetings beloveds,

Today the moon moves from Cancer to Leo and the last slivers of light disappear from the sky. The moon in Cancer illustrates the water nature of the 4th quarter phase of the moon before it becomes new. The moon during its waning phase is releasing its’ role as provider of light in the dark as the light side faces away from the Earth. The moon now stands between us and the sun causing us to rely upon our own devices to see the truth of what lurks in the night. This is time for internal work and clearing out of our thoughts, physical body, emotions, and beliefs. As such, the cleansing organs of the body are particularly sensitive during this time. Plan to drink more water and stay hydrated from now until the moon moves into Scorpio and out of the season of water. It would be wise while the moon is waning in Cancer to take care of our gallbladder, lungs, liver, and stomach as they are ruled by energy of Cancer. Be mindful if you are prone to issues related to breath such as asthma, viral, or bacterial infections that affect the lungs and chest as they may flair up during this time.

Move Like Water

One way to utilize the energy of the Cancer moon is to nurture yourself by eating light, moving gently, and getting plenty of rest. While we sleep the body regenerates and cleanses its’ self. Yet, while the moon is in Cancer we toss and turn at night swimming through the depths of memories of what was, dreaming of what could be, and attempting to balance our emotional state. Find a form of release for your feelings well before bed time. Write, dance, speak with a loved one, paint, or even cry it out. Do what you must but do not hold your feelings in during this time as anything that needs to be released that is not during the waning phase of the moon becomes amplified. Do all things with intention but do not become attached to the outcome. This is a time for going with the flow.

As we leave the waning phase of moon, we find ourselves fully in the space of reflection and wisdom. We are nearing the completion of the cycle. In the spiritual sense we are now the Elder in regards to the lesson of this moon cycle having come from full circle from a new moon in Cancer in June to a waning crescent in Cancer in July before the new moon in Leo. Did you learn how to nurture yourself? Did you move deeper into your understanding of your intuition and discover ways of knowing beyond the 5 senses? Perhaps you picked up a new gift or talent that brought you closer to your soul family and life purpose. The last stage before rebirth is the state of rest and reflection within the 8th gate. Do not think this means there is no conflict during this time. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. This is the space where everything is broken apart and put back together. If there was ever a time of revolution it is during this final phase before rebirth. Think of it as the chaos before the world came together or the mass of cells before the embryo begins to form. We see clearly past the illusions of the world around us because in the dark we see with our hearts, souls, and connection with Source.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Feel your extrasensory abilities come alive. Use them to guide you through the birthing process of the new moon in Leo.



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