New Moon in Leo 2017: Healing Waters and the Rise of the Phoenix

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Greetings beloveds,

Welcome to the light of the summer! The lions are here and it’s time to put on a show. Here’s our quick review of the astrological sign Leo.

Leo’s, our courageous lionhearted fire signs, are known for their outgoing personality’s and love of the spotlight. I have to say though for someone with a moon in Leo, this sign is more complex then what it may appear to be. Being comfortable in leadership positions does not mean seeking them out. Because of the energy associated with Leo’s, others come to them for their confidence and know how. Since Leo’s don’t like to waste their time and have a knack for knowing what needs to be done to complete pretty much anything they often find themselves taking the lead. As a fixed sign, Leo’s are not very open to change. Once that plan is in place they prefer to stick to it and keep things moving because Leo’s are all about momentum. This is also how they tend to approach relationships once they are in they give it their all. Though they won’t believe it’s their fault when their inviting personality may be perceived as flirting. Ask a Leo to really examine their behavior and they will rather reluctantly admit that they do tend to flirt even when they don’t mean to (it just makes life easier and Leo’s are all about ease).

This new moon focuses on the energy of renewal, healing, and successful attainment of your goals. You have done the emotional work over the past season of looking deeply into your romantic, platonic, work, and family relationships. Are they fulfilling? Do you find them as a source of joy and support or stress? The answers to these questions have become clear over the past few months and you have either decided that they are worth being healed and dealt with or that their price is too high so you released them. You have also been doing quite a bit of internal work integrating your shadow with your light. This may have destroyed you entirely because of the intensity of the work that you conducted. Accepting our shadow in a world that thrives in the shade can leave us feeling ostracized but also empowered. Being all of who you are without apology or regret is the most powerful act that you can take in life. Lastly, with the summer solstice you reviewed your current goals to reorient yourself for the seasons of action and harvest before our descent into the underworld. You have done the work, set the energy, and devised a plan. Now it is time to move in accordance with the energy of Summer and feel the flow of the ease that comes with alignment. Relax. When it is the right time and you are in the right place the doors will open. Do not search for the key for it is within you.

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If you are finding that you are in a reoccurring pattern in your relationships with others, your career, and yourself it is time to discover why. What is your point of attraction? The past few months have asked you to decide what you are worth. Did you do so? Did you find what you will and will not accept? If you did and find that you are still in the same situations perhaps it is because there is a subconscious yearning for that which you have always wanted and yet do not still believe that you deserve it. The shadow of the Leo is being fooled into believing that their status, fame, and personality on its own without development of self will bring them happiness and success. Obsession with superficial achievements must be brought into the light of the summer sun to be washed away by the healing element of water.

Return to nature in whatever format that exists for you. It could be a park, the ocean, your backyard, the roof of your building, a planetarium, or simply a hot cup of tea or coffee. Find your spot that brings you back into equilibrium. The space where you feel safe. When you get there, close your eyes and dive deep into your subconscious. Embrace your shadow, turn on the light and take a good look at what you really want. Review your goals and see if they fall in line with those desires. If so be honest with yourself why you desire what you want and be honest with everyone else who you encounter. If these goals do not fall into alignment with your true self then change them. Shift them. It may be painful to face your true self but it can be done. Remember you are safe and whole a small shift will not destroy you it just might hurt, be embarrassing, or scary for a while.

This is a time for fulfillment. The energy of Leo is lending you it’s strength, courage, and positive outlook on the future. Stand in the sun knowing that you have healing waters flowing around you. Face yourself and let your subconscious flow to the surface. It is time for your true self to emerge. The Phoenix rises.



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