Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series-Judgement/The Sarcophagus

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

XX Judgement/The Sarcophagus

            Do you hear it? The sound of the trumpet as souls rise from their final resting places. They turn towards the sound hands raised in joy at the revelation of their connection to Spirit. This is the power of time and rebirth. There may be three people in this scene, perhaps two adults and a child. They have awakened from a lifetime of slumber to the knowledge that they are one with their higher power. The knowledge that heaven and hell lie within the mind. They are given the second chance to live their lives from this informed vantage point. They are not being judged by the heavenly being they are being awakened to judge for themselves whether they will create a paradise through a life of joy, compassion, and grace or damnation through fear, pain, and judgement. Do you hear the sound? What choice do you make?

The Judgement card come to us when we have reached a time of spiritual awakening. We realize that we are connected to something bigger than ourselves. Before, we were the walking dead living each day with the belief that we are separate beings whose lives do not interact beyond the surface level of perhaps romantic, familial, or platonic love. Before we are aware, we do not see each other at the soul level. That core of spirit which came from source and connects us all. When the common phrase “stay woke” is used it references this concept. Our consciousness has woken up, becoming aware of our connection to the universal consciousness.

The Judgement card also indicates that now is a time of change through death and renewal. There are old way, ideas, behaviors, and concepts of self that played their part and are no longer of use to you. It is time for them to be released. Let them die. Let the job go, move to a new home or location, release the relationships that are not supportive of your highest good. You have gone through the trails of the Hanged Man, the Tower, the Devil, the Star, Moon, The Sun. All of this was so you could figure out the type of life you wanted to live, so you could learn to discern the best choices for you. Sometimes these are hard choices that we do not want to make. They mean letting go of things that we love and cherish. These decisions could change our lives indefinitely, creating a whole new World for us to explore. Do not fear, the Judgement card is here to show you that after the light of the Sun showed us the false nature of separation and duality, that there are no wrong choices just different paths to take.


The Judgement card in reverse indicates that you fear change. Change finds us in many ways such as aging, death, or the release of old jobs, relationships, and items. When we react with fear to these things we become resistant. We find ourselves holding on to the old because we do not want things to change. Change is hard. It is not always by choice or has an immediate positive outcome, but it is the only constant. Things that do not change are stagnant. They hold no life. They cannot grow or improve. The reality is though, for those who have experienced pain, abuse, judgment, oppression, they have seen the shadow side of change to often to welcome it with open arms. I cannot promise you that the change that is coming will be full of love, freedom, and joy. What I can say is that you do always have a choice of how you choose to perceive the world around you. It is time to make that choice. Do you choose life or do you choose fear?

Numerology and Astrology:

The number 20 is the beginning of a new lesson. We have moved from the singular path of the one digit and the self in the double digits to connection through the number 2. This is a card to tests and trials. Those who align with this card have a keen sense of discernment which calls for them to make decisions based on empirical data combined with emotional insights through intuition. Ruled by the Moon, Earth, and Saturn we see the use of wisdom through our lessons learned and intuition assisting us in making sound decisions. Saturn as the Divine seeks to offer us the world if we chose to take it while also presenting us the truth of work that must be done to achieve this final step. Saturn challenges us to overcome or submit to our fears.


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