Moon Phases: Waxing Crescent Part II

autumn moments (1)Greetings beloveds,

The Moon is moving from Leo to Virgo today. Do you feel yourself slowing down? Wanting to connect more with the physical world around you? Now is a good time to start being mindful of what you spend your energy on. What do you spend money, time, and attention on? We are still feeling pumped up and ready to shine but try to keep things light. Virgo energy might have you start examining your bank statements to see how you much you spent over the last few days. After which, you create a strict budget to get your finances under control. Or you start thinking about the food you ate over the past few days and how much you did (or didn’t) exercise. You realize you need to make some changes to your habits and start googling diets, cleanses, and checking your fridge to see if you still have that meal replacement powder. The key at this time is balance. Do not become obsessed with falling in line. You can make small adjustments to your behaviors and thoughts which will have long term results. Whatever plans you make or goals you set, think long term. Virgo’s are amazing at assessing what is in order to understand what will be needed for the future. Shift into this energy wisely.



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