12 Universal Laws: The Law of Rhythm


Greetings beloveds,

Today we will be discussing the law of rhythms. Immediately I think of the change in seasons when thinking of the energy of rhythms. Every year the seasons change as the Earth revolves around the sun. During the spring we are born, creating new ideas, programs, lives, and energy. Then in the summer we are grown diving deeply into the waters of movement and being. Fall then arrives signaling our descent into the underworld after we have harvest the fruits of our labors. Finally, it is winter and we are the wise elder. We have lived a full life. Completed a full cycle. That is the law of rhythm. Our universe is built around cycles which create a rhythm or ebb and flow. It is the rhythm of creation, growth, harvest, death, and rebirth. What are some of the best ways to harness the Law of Rhythm?

  1. Flow with the seasons
  2. Develop a practice that flows with the rhythm of the moon. Starting January 1st, I will be offering for the first time my online course, The Sovereign Moon. This course will provide a simple but thorough framework through which you can connect with the placement of the moon in your natal chart. You will also get to explore how the current moon’s placement interacts with your natal moon. The Sovereign Moon course is designed to follow a full moon cycle starting on the full moon. You will receive daily guidance personally from me, assignments, and gain admittance to the exclusive private Sovereign Moon Facebook group. Guided courses will only be offered in January for the new year and July to prepare you for eclipse season. If you are interested in signing up for this course send me a message at theblissinstitute@gmail.com. Cost $50.00-you will be sent the entire course which can be used throughout the year for any moon phase.
  3. Develop a daily practice that allows you to connect with the Saturnian nature of time.
  4. Journal daily to record your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. This form of self-reflection which will allow you to find the rhythm of your own energy.
  5. Practice shadow work to align with your unconscious so that you can play an active role in creating your personal life course. Fall and Winter are the perfect season to conduct shadow work. If you are interested in receiving one on one shadow work coaching contact me at theblissinstitute@gmail.com. Cost: Initial Consultation $75.00 for 1 hour. Follow up consultations are $50.00 an hour.

What’s the rhythm of your life?



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