The Divination Toolkit: The Planets-Venus the Goddess of Love and Life


Greetings beloveds,

It’s Friday, Viernes, Vendredi, Vernadi, or Venus’s Day. Oh the Planet Venus. Does this recall thoughts of a bright being clothed in gossamer fabrics emerging ethereally from the foaming shores of the sea. Perhaps she is a rocker gal clothed in all black, sensual, sexual, and powerful. Maybe she is the pinned up and proper lady of the house or business woman who’s softness is found not perhaps in her immediate manner but in the steadfast way she handles her daily tasks. I’m sure many of you do not think of Venus like the last two examples but she is there nonetheless. Venus as an archetype, is the sibling of the moon. Venus calls forth energy of love in all it’s many forms and all that love calls forth from us. Platonic, romantic, agape, jealously, beauty, forgiveness, healing, stress, anxiety, joy, kindness, lack, and abundance. Venus does not need to announce her arrival her very presence is enough to draw your attention. Her energy is of attraction, and charm. Above all else, Venus is fair and just. That which we deserve, we will get. Love is available to us all but we must be willing to be vulnerable and open to receiving it.

Venus is associated with several Goddesses including Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Aphrodite, Freya, and Quetzalcoatl. As the brightest planet in the sky, after the sun and the moon, Venus served as a guide and great influence to early civilizations. When looking to the sky Venus can be seen even during the day depending on the weather and other factors. Venus shines brightly providing hope and strength with it’s presence. If the sun gives life during the day and represents the conscious and the moon takes us into death and the unconscious during the night, then Venus is the emotional bridge between life and death. The emotional link between the conscious and the unconscious. As the unconscious is the start of manifestation, Venus represents how are emotions affect our manifestations while the conscious is the awareness of what has been created. When we are disconnected from our emotions we are disconnected from our ability consciously manifest. Heart opening exercises are a great way to begin to heal that connection between conscious and unconscious, soul and mind, body and spirit.

Love is always desired but how it is found, what it calls us to do, and how it affects us overall is not always the soft glow of care and tenderness. Sometimes it is hot, fast, and pleasurable. Other times cold and confusing. It depends on what we experience and where we are. Venus is not about the what comes from love but the impetuous that comes from love. Love is the basis of all. Love is what leads us to life. Life then allows us to explore love in all it’s many forms.

This is the first of many posts to come on the Planet Venus. Let me know what specific information you would like to know about connecting to this ancient archetype such as rituals, crystals, herbs, or how she interacts with other Planets.

Have beautiful day loves,




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