12 Universal Laws: The Law of Relativity


Greetings beloveds,

We have reached the end of our journey through the 12 Universal Laws. Laws which govern our world at an energetic level that plays out in various ways in what our mind perceives as reality. Our final law, the Law of Gender, is the perfect example of this concept. Over the past few decades, gender roles and conformity have been brought to the spot light as our understanding of them past assumed social definitions has broadened. Gender, now considered by most to be social construct meaning it is defined by society and not a natural fact, has greatly transformed in its practice and performance.

In the realm of Universal Laws, the Law of Gender acts in a similar fashion to the Law of Polarity. Gender is not assigned to our physical forms by our sexual organs, hormones, and genes. Gender is an energy of give and take, creation and destruction, darkness and light. We have simplified the masculine and feminine, ripping their complexity and magic away from them. Upon letting them be whole in their being, we see that the masculine gives life just as much as the feminine. They must work together. That is truth of this Law. Not in subordination through overbearing or aggression. But through cooperation and having the insight to see beyond the surface.

As all beings are masculine and feminine, it is important to maintain your balance. Too much masculine energy leaves you with an excess of energy which desires to be done away with in unnecessary destruction. There is a time for all things to die and become integrated, so they may be born again, but when the masculine is unbalanced it takes life before it’s time. An unbalanced feminine energy is one which gives too much life, it is resistance to release. The overbearing energy of life is smothering to that which is ready to grow on its own. The unbalanced feminine traps life, causing it’s growth to become stunted and unable to thrive. This is only one example of how these energies behave while unbalanced. When functioning at their best, the feminine and masculine both bring life and death in alignment with the other Laws of the Universe.

Due to gender being so deeply engraved into our psyches through an association with our dress and other coded behaviors, that is often a way to bring our energy into balance. If you do find that your masculine is out of balance you can increase it through taking more action to bring about the things that you desire. Perhaps you must speak up and protect something that you love and cherish. Or maybe you would like to nurture through protection the land and the beings that exist here as our Mother and Goddess. Lastly, you might look into changing your dress to include more pieces that you consider to be masculine. As for balancing the feminine, one might delegate your tasks and then take a rest or vacation. The feminine creates life but she does not live for others. Creating boundaries is decidedly feminine. You might also look at the ways in which you can honor the masculine through acts of caring for yourself and those who you love. Finally, you can shift your energy through your wardrobe by incorporating more pieces that represent femininity for you.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey over the past year through the 12 Universal Laws. Over the next few weeks I be developing a 12 Week Online Course which will be self-paced to help you develop your own relationship and understanding to these Universal Laws. I will share this course as soon as it is completed.

With love,



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