Goddesses of Life and Death: Pele

20170426_170957Greetings beloveds,

Last year as I watched Moana for the first time, it felt like I was watching my own dreams and desires on the big screen. It opened my heart and I felt such emotion. As I looked into the story of Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess that the Te Fiti and Te Ka were based on, I knew she was to be one of the Goddesses that I worked with. Thus here are some online resources on the Great Goddess Pele.


Mythical Realm- Pele, Hawaii Goddess of Fire

Wikipedia- Pele (deity)

Coffee Times- Pele Goddess of Fire

Roberts Hawaii- The Legend Behind Hawaii’s Goddess of Fire

Hawaii Magazine- People Can’t Stop Seeing Pele in Lava

No Ka OI Maui Magazine- Pele: Fire Goddess 

Goddess Gift- Goddess Pele: Hawaiian Goddess of the Volcano

Mythology Wiki- Pele 

Celestial Journey Therapy- Who is Goddess Pele

Serge King- The Story of Pele

Myths Encyclopedia- Pele

Goddess Inspired- Pele: The Hawaiian Volcano and Fire Goddess

Goddess School- Madame Pele

Kaja Otto- Pele


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