Enchanted Hearth: Vegan Pancakes

20171231_182152.jpgGreetings beloveds,

There’s nothing better on a cold winter day than some warm nutritious pancakes. Here’s a recipe for vegan pancakes that will be sure to make your day.



1/2 Cup of Flax Meal

1/2 Cup of Almond Meal

1/2 Cup of flour, almond flour, coconut flour or any type of flour you prefer

1 Cup Almond, Coconut, Soy Milk

2 Tablespoons baking soda

Sweetener of You Choice

Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger or spice of your choosing to taste

Honey, coconut sugar, brown sugar, stevia to taste

Mix dry ingredients in bowl. Add milk to dry mix. Continue to mix all ingredients until well combined.


Over medium heat, place pan that is either non-stick or is lightly greased so the mixture will not stick the pan. Once pan is hot, pour mixture in so that pancake is roughly about ¼ an inch high. The pancake will rise as it begins to cook. Once bubbles begin to appear across the top of the pancake it is ready to be flipped.


Cook on opposite side for about 2-3 minutes depending on thickness of pancake. Remove from pan and place on plate. Cover with a clean dish towel or cover that will allow steam to escape to maintain the heat while you cook the rest of the pancakes.

Add you favorite toppings such as chocolate chips, fruit, nut butters, whipped cream, jam, honey, etc.





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