Goddesses of Life and Death: Rise of Pele


Greetings beloveds,

On January 31, 2018 we experienced the unique phenomenon of a blue moon, blood moon, and lunar eclipse in Leo. This energy brought about the completion of the eclipse cycle from the solar eclipse in Leo this past August. What most folks found was that if they had not taken heed of the energy of the Leo solar eclipse it was time to pay their dues. I spent a lot of time this past summer concerned with learning the lesson and “getting it right”. I can say, I’m glad I did not brush off the work. Although I’m seeing the conclusion of what occurred over the summer, I know I made the right choices. The best part is that the harvest is coming in. So many signs that I am where I need to be.

The acceptance of our role, trusting in ourselves, and not running from the fire are all elements of the Goddess Pele. Over the next moon cycle we will travel with Pele, discovering the secrets that she had for us. As this is Aquarius season in the energy of winter which is ruled by Earth, Pele is the epitome of innovation and grounding. She literally creates new Earth.

Each day I will engage in ritual to honor Pele though meditation and other acts. I invite you to join me on this journey! See you tomorrow to reflect back on what we find.



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