Full Moon in Aquarius: Wisdom of the Ancients

 Hello lovies,

Courage, pride, confidence, strength, power, and empathy describe the energy of Leo season. This full moon we are right in the thick of it. Leo is home in the light of the sun. It’s given us the courage to face our fears and have the tough discussions with Mercury in Leo. We are called to love fiercely and with passion with Venus in Leo. Lastly, we embrace our power to stand up for our dreams regardless of what others expect from us.

Moon in Aquarius: With all that fire energy we have one gust of fresh air from our moon in Aquarius. An Aquarius full moon speaks to taking an innovative approach to how we heal. There are the traditional ways of focusing on the physical body, our spiritual connection, and the wisdom of experts or healers. Aquarius moves beyond looking outside of ourselves for wisdom.

There is some tension between the Leo sun, venus, and mars to the Aquarius moon. Leo wants to follow their intuition while Aquarius is ready for change. Why keep trying the same thing of charming our way out of our issues when we can think our way out? It’s time to wise up and combine the energy of attraction with hard earned wisdom. You can do this in such a magical way as opposed to isolating yourself like the mad genius.

Just like the Star card, the energy of hope and prosperity surround this full moon. Add some depth to that star quality and carry the power of the universe within you. We still have the luck of Jupiter in Sagittarius. The beauty and magic of Neptune in Pisces. Radical transformation with Uranus in Taurus, and lastly, discipline and routine with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. Turn that stressful Mercury retrograde and Cancer season energy into the power that turns the wheel of fortune to another reality.

You got this,

Kamilah Rose


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