Held: Full Moon in Pisces

The Pisces full moon concludes the western astrological year for 2020. We will be experiencing a pull of opposites here. The spiritual dreamer in Pisces and the pragmatic realist in Virgo. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are in Virgo bringing an energy of excellence. Perfection in being, behaviors, and expectations. Yet, this exists in a opposition to the freedom and unhindered expansion of the Moon and Neptune in Pisces. A space that is comfortable in the unknown, the frayed, the beyond.

Structure, purpose, and design will win with the positive aspects between Virgo to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. The key is to give yourself the PERMISSION to include a space to dream. This is the power of polarity and tension. We will receive what Lacey Philips calls “pings” in our dreams, our soul, our creative pursuits, and anything that gets us out of our body and into our spirit.

Earth sign energy can feel heavy when we are resistant. Resistant to slowing down, being intentional, choosing a path and following it regardless of the obstacles that appear along the way. Trust is the key to the gates of the underworld and Virgo is the guide. When we let go and dive into the unknown energy of Pisces, we are putting our trust in the cycle of life. That we may lose things along the way that bring us to spaces of fear and pain. Yet, we continue forward because we know that the wheel will always turn.

The full moon in Pisces exemplifies our moving past the first gate into the underworld as Fall Equinox arrives. Trust in the process. Trust in yourself. Let Virgo cradle you as you enter a space that may feel like a free fall into the spirit world. Allow yourself to swim deep within your soul, the collective, and the universe.

Your personal talents (check out what sign and house Taurus falls into in your birth chart) will be the fuel that blesses your path. If you have been experiencing barriers where it just seems that you cannot get things to fall into place. Utilize the gifts of flow, creativity, being boundless, celestial, and divinity that Pisces provides us. If that frightens you, remember the Earth has your back (literally you can lie down if you feel so called).

Happy Full Moon in Pisces and may your life be more than your wildest dreams.

Kamilah Rose


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