New Moon in Scorpio: The Lover of Resistance

Sun, moon, mercury, and venus in Scorpio. These planets have very positive energy here! The Scorpio new moon meets us in the underworld. In October, the winds of change blew through bringing us to the first gate. Now we in a time of being fully in the power of the second gate. The second gate is a realm of magic and sexuality. Death, sex, and life are intricately linked. The build up of energy through sexual A space that fully supports your manifestation abilities through making the subconscious conscious.

We have explored many ways to shift our energy and create the life we desire. Yet, many of us find ourselves still dealing with the same issues that we have encountered before. We are metaphorically stuck in the cemetery, unable to pass on to our next life. The Orisha Oya, rules over the cemetery. She watches as we shift from row to row. Seeming to make progress but essentially remaining exactly where we started. This is where shadow work comes in. Investigate what about these issues brings you pleasure. Is it a confirmation of your negative self-image? Or is it safer to stay in the same as opposed to face the fear of change? Name it and take power over it. Otherwise it will continue to have power over you. (Hint: Examine the state of your home life and friendships).

This is a rare time of immersion in water energy. There are 5 planets and 2 astrological points in water signs. This is a time to stability through the fixed sign of Scorpio. Our aspirations, inner desires, mind and heart are in alignment. We have learned a lot this year about patterns, healing, and growth. This season are you the grey lizard, pessimistic and so suspicious that you are always on edge. Perhaps you are the scorpion, grounded and wily with a sharp sting. Or maybe the eagle, a wise visionary who uses their ability to read the world and soar above the rest.  You may be all three but in different degrees. The point is to face the darkness. Not run and hide. Turn it into a game.

The Big Picture: Conflict from a Libran perspective.

What is it like to fight the Lady of truth and justice? She is stubbornly focused on maintaining the peace. Creating a façade through charm, favors, and glamour. There are cracks in the illusion like a dream coming apart at the seams. She does all that she can to keep the picture together. To ensure that everyone is safe and well, often at the cost of her own well-being. Then it happens. The rubber band is pulled too taunt. She looks around at her perfect word that she created and sees the corruption, oppression, trauma and pain. Based on rules that are not always fair. The scales tipping, and she snaps. Her world comes into sharp focus.

Saturn, Grandfather time. Pluto, the ruler of the underworld. The North node, our future. She looks at each of these. Pluto, she takes as a lover. The darkness is seductive. He is mysterious, yet completely open to baring his soul. There is nothing to hid in the underworld. Every soul comes to him eventually. Saturn, grows old and weary. Now as Queen of the Underworld, Libra knows his truth. That Saturn is a magician, who thrives off his allusions of time. He loves to wind the clock and watch others dance around him. He is old but wily and clever. She comes to him as a keeper of wisdom and they work together to create a new world. The North node now takes center stage. It shows us where we have been in order to lead us to a new life. There’s tension here. Libra isn’t quite ready to let go. Yet, she must. She would lose her love Pluto and her peer Saturn if she does not. How does this happen? Simple. Pluto teases her that she is becoming a stick in the mud. Saturn tells her Gemini and Aquarius are already there, don’t you want to see what the future brings? Libra can’t be left behind. She’s the Cardinal sign.

When you feel resistance to going within the underworld, to expressing your sexuality, to control and order, to change – lean into the resistance. Befriend it. Become it’s lover. Know your resistance better than you know anyone or anything else. You’ll feel the shift gradually. The move from fear to curiosity to acceptance. It will be a bumpy ride, but it will be worth it. Sagittarius in Jupiter square to Neptune in Pisces (reversed) makes all of this feel like a fantasy. A game. Like every step forward is 2 steps back. It’s an illusion. You know your worth and talents. Uranus in Taurus (reversed) just makes it seem like you are not making headway. Be the bull and plant those feet. Be stubborn in embracing that resistance. It is the key to passing through to the third gate.

You got this,

Kamilah Rose


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