Glamour: Scorpian Alchemy

Hello lovies, Last month we explored the foundation of Western beauty ideals and it's impact on our understanding of aesthetics. The Perfection of Beauty according to Libra. How does beauty translate from a Scorpio lens? Is it all mystery, possession and sex? The short answer is yes. On the surface Scorpio glamour capitalizes on the … Continue reading Glamour: Scorpian Alchemy

New Moon in Scorpio: The Lover of Resistance

Sun, moon, mercury, and venus in Scorpio. These planets have very positive energy here! The Scorpio new moon meets us in the underworld. In October, the winds of change blew through bringing us to the first gate. Now we in a time of being fully in the power of the second gate. The second gate … Continue reading New Moon in Scorpio: The Lover of Resistance