The Light of Hope: New Moon in Capricorn

For the new and full moons I usually discuss the astrological impact of what is occurring. But as I sit here on the day before the winter solstice. I feel the pull of the underworld acutely. It’s a slow steady pulse. My friend Terri Malek says it’s the heartbeat of the Earth. So appropriate as we enter into Earth’s season. Mother Earth has been gathering the heat of the sun to keep us warm. Growing us root vegetables within her layers to keep us fed. She allows the rain to fall to bring us water. She even has just enough of a pull to keep the moon within our sight.

As we enter the season where light returns. We feel the pull of growth. Our hearts are full and heavy. Our souls long for reflection, partnership and to be held. Our senses are alive and open to our rebirth.

The energy of Sagittarius moving to Capricorn is ecstatic. The joy of dancing around the bonfire in the frigid air on the darkest night. Beguiling the spirits of winter to bring the promise of the sun. We have balanced the scales, accepted death, explored the wisdom of the worlds, and now we build.

What will you manifest over the next month, season, year, decade?

What are your dreams?

What are your hopes?

May this new moon bring you the gift of magic, love, peace, and success.

Happy new moon in Capricorn and a happy new year.

Kamilah Rose


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