The Divine Feminine Connection: The Earth


Greetings beloveds,

Today we will discuss seven easy ways to connect to the Divine Feminine through the element of Earth.

  1. Spend time in nature. During the winter, the manifestations of life are created to come forth during the rest of the year.
  2. Study seed growth cycles to better understand the cycle of growth during the winter. The warm earth combined with the moisture of the soil interacts with the needs of the seed to slowly pull the life from within its cocoon. Continuing to hold it in the safety of its warmth, the Earth nurtures that life until the world above it has shifted to provide enough warmth above the soil.
  3. Learn to honor the Earth as a provider of life. During the colder months, this is one way to access the feminine and to understand how she functions, loves, manifests, and creates change.
  4. Visit local parks, recreation areas, or even your own yard.
  5. Decorate your altar and home with items such as stones, crystals, branches from the ground, flowers, leaves or other items.
  6. Pick stones associated with the earth to carry with you in your pockets or bra.

Here are some stones associated with the Earth: smoky quartz, brown tourmaline, tiger’s eye, citrine, Lead, emerald, aventurine, pyrites, coal, onyx

  1. Meditate on the energy of the Earth by focusing on specific locations or your personal energetic connection.




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