The Rise of the Divine Masculine

       Rise of the divine masculine –

                Here we have the light form of the masculine. A being of hope, love, and support. Someone who has seen the past but who understands that to move forward we must go within and see beyond the present. This is a radical approach to life after the return to stability, grounding, duty, and responsibility of Capricorn. Aquarius turns us towards creating a world that is beyond what we could ever dream of. Capricorn has no time for dreams, they are too busy ensuring we survive. Aquarius understands that we are more than just what we do. We are a culmination of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

                The divine masculine has been going through an overhall. Although there is much discussion about the rise of the divine feminine, the masculine deserves just as much consideration. With the new and full moon in Aquarius we see the move towards gaining wisdom that brings us to the energy of the masculine form of divinity. He is considerate, focused, genuine, determined, and centered on finding a new path for everyone. In the age of Aquarius, we would be wise to acknowledge this energy of the divine masculine as it moves to its seat beside the feminine.

                I know we have been bogged down cleaning house with the shadow of the masculine but here’s to a little light to give us hope in the darkness. If you are needing a boast of creativity, energy, or just a moment to take a breath – Here is your moment. Take a page from the Aquarius handbook, take that chance and don’t look back. There’s nothing there for you any way.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn (7th house)

                Integration of the shadow masculine  

We are going deep within the Earth to answer the question “who am I”? This is a time to explore your truth. Herald the light and embrace the dark in order to be your most authentic self. What are you’re here for and what do you stand for? Take the harsh truths as they come and turn them into nuggets of wisdom. You’ll need them to create a foundation through which the aquarian energy can create a new world.

The north node has rested in Cancer ruled by the moon opposite Saturn at home in Capricorn. The divine feminine mother archetype calls to us. We have been grounded in the energy of a Saturnian space with it’s definite limits and standards. So we set intentions. Create steps to meet our goals. Clean up our homes, beliefs, and finances. We look to be a little more kind, more considerate, more sustainable. Then there are those who bleed out in excess. More oil, more money, more stuff, more emotions, more time, more energy. More more more. Saturn sits back watching as Cancer takes her children under her wing to protect them from the upcoming judgement. It’s not doomsday through catastrophe or disaster. It’s a loss of self. A loss of time. A loss of life. In a third dimensional world, time rules all. Thus, to take that time away means death. Make the choice. Make every moment count through appreciation, awareness, and surviving.

Mars in Sag (6th house)

                Mars in Sagittarius makes us act rashly. We don’t want to focus on the dreams that seem unobtainable. We want to go on adventures! We want to feel good because all the rest of this work makes us feel tired and overwhelmed. Appease your sacred warrior and spend time focused on caring for yourself in between finding a cause that sparks your fire. What would the world be like without your light? Well, you get a glimpse of that every time you run yourself into the ground. There’s great healing available here for the world. You just can’t chase after it. Come to a space of peace through some intense physical activity (sex anyone?). This will calm that inner dragon and allow you space to dream.

Venus and Neptune in Pisces (9th house)

                A moment of great stark beauty. The kind that stops you in your tracks and takes your breath away. This energy brings us wisdom in a different manner. In our dreams, visions, art, creativity, and our relationships with each other, but more importantly with the Divine. This is energy that causes us to consider more than what we can just observe or what makes rational sense. Aquarius wants hard data even if the way to achieve this new way of being hasn’t been invented yet. Capricorn desires realistic plans and action. Yet, if we combine all of this information together that’s how we come to understand the richness of this thing we call life.

Uranus in Taurus (11th house)

                What does your ideal world look like? How do you spend your day, your time? This new moon offers you a glimpse at what you thought could only be found in your imagination. Only it’s real. Do you take this taste and recreate it? Or do you just chat about it over dinner with your friends? This is a year of take note and then taking action. Have faith! Aquarius has your back. Go for the unbelievable. The unobtainable. A revolution is underway. Catch the wave and ride it.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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