Full Moon in Scorpio: Your Greatest Work

Sun, Mercury, Uranus in Taurus

Taurus energy abounds this full moon. We are feeling a bit more grounded, practical, and dare I say…beautiful. Taurus draws our attention towards domestic concerns. What does the energy in your home, relationships, and body feel like? Check in and see what the overall vibe is. If you are feeling disconnected, ground through the senses to engage the body. Anything that activates your senses will draw your attention to the present. Remaining present is the key to changing the circumstances around you that are out of sync, especially if that change needs to happen with you.

Taurus and Scorpio are opposing signs representing fixed earth and fixed water. Taurus as Earth is steady and unchanging, providing us with a place to find our center. While Scorpio allows us to delve deep into our emotions and the unconscious. This water sign reveals how our connection to the past gives us power. We want to be still and yet the stillness brings us to uncomfortable truths. We feel as if we are being smothered from within. Taurus and Scorpio together teach us the thrill of being held captive. Do you struggle, surrender, or save your strength until the chains are released? What do you believe is your lesson to learn? Perhaps, as Venus teaches us, pleasure can be found in all circumstances and Scorpio likes it kinky.

Lastly, you may have finally got your groove back. If you were looking for a pick me up to get back into the swing of working or being productive, this may be a great time to dig back into your divine purpose.

Moon in Scorpio

Go in and go deep. Do not fear the depths, adjust. Scorpio has the most diverse range of representation. There is the serpent, the scorpion, the eagle, and the phoenix. Each of these symbols represents the phases of the moon. Love yourself where you are. The serpent is low to the ground but wise. Scorpions are a wise and deadly. The eagle provides perspective and precision. Lastly, the phoenix represents rebirth and revelations. Which symbol do you resonate with? What are the characteristics you desire to have that you can learn from the other symbols?

 Trine Neptune in Pisces

Having you been dreaming lately? If so, take note of the subject matter. What happens in the dream? How do you feel during the dream and when you wake up?

Our unconscious is reaching out to us. The connection that our individual consciousness has to the collective consciousness is illuminated right now. It is LIT UP. We are picking up on the most subtle shifts in energy. Use this to make intentional moves.

Venus in Gemini

Let’s talk Venus for a moment. Venus is a planet that represents connection. All types of connection, but particularly the beauty of emotional connections that bind us together. Venus is the planet associated with Taurus and Libra. Earthly physical and social cognitive connections. Humans at this time could not survive apart from the Earth. It is our mother in every sense of the word. We have an intense connection with this physical space. Libra represents partnerships. The movement from I to WE. Libra examines connections that we feel passionately enough about to bind ourselves with others contractually. Through both of these relationships we get to utilize the gift of Venus- discernment. Truth is subjective but justice is blind. Be mindful of the connections that you make.

True love is wild.

Venus in Gemini explores how we understand and create connection through communication. Those that can grab your attention through their words, wisdom, and humor will have increased magnetism. We will want to share more with each other. Be brave! Speak up and let yourself be heard. Acceptance starts within then radiates out.

Find ways to bring a little joy and laughter into your relationships. Speak truth and be open to hearing others.

Lastly, Venus in Gemini trine Mars in Aquarius highlights how our connections allow us to create spaces to care for each other. Sometimes, others just want to be heard. To be seen. Gemini can be The Hermit, carrying the torch of wisdom to offer solace to those who are in need of a light in the darkness. Do you use your words to create or destroy? To bring those you love together or push them away? Take this chance to form networks of support and offer your expertise to your community. We are stronger together.

Mars and Saturn in Aquarius

There is a part of you that is done with the BS. You are finished with this old system that steals your joy and feels more controlling than supportive. Yet, you feel the call of the land. The quiet strength of the trees, the variety of vegetation, the promise of the rising sun followed by the beauty of the sun setting. A desire to bring change is challenged by a need for rest. Balance is the key. Move when you feel called. Rest when you are tired. Be intentional.

Saturn square Uranus in Taurus

The old system is clashing against the new. The final moments of death can be difficult. No need to romanticize the end. Rest and grieve. Then ask, how do we move forward? Saturn wants us to create a plan that will assist the majority and Uranus wants something new based on what we truly value. They are not so different right? The key is to not rush the process. Alchemy is not achieved overnight but through commitment, practice, and focusing our will.

What are you dedicated to? Where is your attention focused?

Jupiter, Pluto (retrograde) in Capricorn

The ghosts of our past linger around us. We see them in our dreams, pass them on the street, they pop up in our social media feeds. We avoid them, claiming to have integrated and done the work. We weave complicated stories of the work that we have done to face our shadows. Yet, in the twilight between day and night, the shadows reappear haunting us with the remains of what could have been. Come join me in the middle. Undone and complete. Loved and feared. Sacred and mundane. Mastering the power of perception through turning the lens on ourselves. Know that your greatest work as always been your greatest gift- to live and grow.

Neptune in Pisces

We want to be connected and support each other. Yet, our connection can be spotty. It seems like we are on different channels sometimes. Take your time. Give your words time to develop. Neptune in Pisces for many of us makes us want fall into a pool of fantasy. Using magical thinking to solve our problems or explain the world around us. Hold the hand of opposition. Many things can be true at the same time and with Neptune in Pisces we may never truly know one way or the other.

Pisces is a Christ like energy. The energy of Kuan Yin, who remained on earth to assist others in ascension. Although it is tempting to flee from the harshness of the world. Denial will cause more harm than good. Be like water, flow. Stay focused on your path. Water holds it’s own power and with precision can be just as impactful as the sharpest knife.

The power of Pisces is learning to travel from one world to another. Bound by your commitment to your greater purpose as an incarnated soul.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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