Full Moon in Scorpio: Drowning in Truth

Sun, Venus, Uranus and Mercury in Taurus Taurus energy in the house! We are firmly in the realm of our Venusian Earth sign, bringing us firmly back into our bodies and the physical world. Taurus is fixed Earth. It takes the fires of creation from Aries and places it in the hearth. Giving it aContinue reading “Full Moon in Scorpio: Drowning in Truth”

Full Moon in Scorpio: Your Greatest Work

Sun, Mercury, Uranus in Taurus Taurus energy abounds this full moon. We are feeling a bit more grounded, practical, and dare I say‚Ķbeautiful. Taurus draws our attention towards domestic concerns. What does the energy in your home, relationships, and body feel like? Check in and see what the overall vibe is. If you are feelingContinue reading “Full Moon in Scorpio: Your Greatest Work”

Full Moon in Scorpio: Embrace the Transformation

Greetings beloveds, I hope you are all well. I know that there is A LOT going on right now energetically that could be affecting your equilibrium right now. On April 14th we had Jupiter sextile Pluto which held our hand as we moved to do incredible things. To move ourselves closer to our dreams. TheContinue reading “Full Moon in Scorpio: Embrace the Transformation”