Full Moon in Aquarius: Temperance of the Heart and Mind

Sun and Mars in Leo (opposition to the Moon and Saturn)                 Hello sunshine! We have a dynamic duo in Leo with the Sun and Mars. This is amazing and excellent energy. I mean if you aren’t having a good time this full moon, I don’t know what you’re doing with yourself. If you’re feelingContinue reading “Full Moon in Aquarius: Temperance of the Heart and Mind”

Where Venus and Mars Meet: Passion and Desire

You all know of my fascination with Mars and it’s relationship with Venus. I really adore working with this energy and discovering how I personally relate to these planets via my birth chart. I always suggest that you review your own birth chart to better understand your own energy and how these planet will impactContinue reading “Where Venus and Mars Meet: Passion and Desire”

Mars: Working with the Planet of Life and Death

God of War. Aries. Powerful. Anger. Virile. What does it mean to work with Mars? Is it accepting your anger? Letting it flow through you instead of bottling it up, building tension in your body until it overflows from you – bursting from the seams in bouts of aggression. Perhaps it’s the energy you feelContinue reading “Mars: Working with the Planet of Life and Death”

The Personal and the Collective: Peace and Order

Sun and Moon in Libra Opposition to Mars reversed in Aries Mars in Aries is ready to go. Breakdown the wall if they won’t let us in! Libra suggests that we use our charm and connections to advance our agenda. Again, let these energies work together. There’s nothing more lovely than a Libra in theirContinue reading “The Personal and the Collective: Peace and Order”

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Perfect Sight

Sun, Venus (Reverse) in Gemini                 Information overload. Everywhere you look there’s so much going on. Gemini LOVES this. This energy lives for stimulation. They are here to perceive what occurs around us and then reflect that information back to us. Gemini is in Venus, an energy that is fun, flirty, and craves being intellectuallyContinue reading “Full Moon in Sagittarius: Perfect Sight”

Full Moon in Scorpio: Your Greatest Work

Sun, Mercury, Uranus in Taurus Taurus energy abounds this full moon. We are feeling a bit more grounded, practical, and dare I say…beautiful. Taurus draws our attention towards domestic concerns. What does the energy in your home, relationships, and body feel like? Check in and see what the overall vibe is. If you are feelingContinue reading “Full Moon in Scorpio: Your Greatest Work”

Full Moon in Libra: The Beauty of Reflection and Truth

  Greetings beloveds, It’s the full moon in Libra and as a Libra I am always hyped for this time of the year. Aries season calls us to action and Libra manages to sneak in to keep us balanced. This full moon correlates with the general energy of spring focusing on how we think aboutContinue reading “Full Moon in Libra: The Beauty of Reflection and Truth”

Divination Toolkit: The Astrology Series- The Planets

Greetings beloveds, Now that we’ve covered the astrological signs let’s take a look at the planets and their symbology. This will be a quick overview so check back soon as we add the associated anatomy, letters, tones, and more to each celestial body. Sun Astrological Sign: Leo Season: Summer Color: Yellow, Orange, Gold Day: Sunday Number: 9, 21  Stones/Crystals: Citrine, Aquamarine, Carnelian, Bloodstone,Continue reading “Divination Toolkit: The Astrology Series- The Planets”