Auset (Isis): Goddess of Magic and Healing

Hello lovies,

I am so excited to speak about the goddess Auset and the ways in which she can assist us with our shadow work.

Auset highlights how we can release and experience change through being the container. The resting place of the energy. Whereas Inanna went to the underworld in part to pay respects for Ereshkigals’ husband and her shadow, Auset continuously faces her shadow in life. She represents how we experience loss, but continue to persist.

Auset emotionally, mentally, and spiritually experiences death through the loss of her partner Osiris. Isis continued to mourn, search, and heal Osiris (and herself) despite his having been killed twice by their brother. What does this say of Ausets’ energy?

Auset’s path is not a journey to meet the shadow that was hidden,

but a journey to integrate the shadow that we know, that we live with, that we love.

Inanna did not belong in the underworld without her sister, but Osiris is the ruler of the underworld and the dead. He returned to his place of power with Isis to support him, raise their son, and remain a powerful goddess in life and death.

The differences in the results of these stories are significant. We see both Isis and Inanna on their own in the end. Isis with her son Horus the younger and Inanna with her faithful handmaid and children. Each learns to connect with their shadow in different ways.

Isis shares with us the mystery of sustaining life.

With love,

Kamilah Rose

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