New Moon in leo: Shadow Dancing

Sun, Moon, Mercury in Leo

                Our personality (our core essence), emotions, and our thoughts step onto the stage and want to be seen to actively engage with the world and our self in our healing and how we serve the world. We experience a great passion and aggression for being ourselves and living our lives this new moon. This can be off putting to your family, friends, and loved ones! One, they are experiencing this themselves. Every star needs an audience. In this case, we perform only for ourselves, not for the applause of others. Otherwise we will all be very frustrated.

                Above all else, be aware of your health. Constantly serving others and ignoring or putting off your own needs can have devasting results, not just physically but psychologically.            

Venus in Cancer

                Our relationships are moving towards heightened intensity. Long term relationships, moving in together, buying a house with your partner; emotional commitment and the stress that comes from these changes are on the horizon.

Mars and Chiron (reversed) in Aries

                There will be some great opportunities for you to really be yourself. To embrace your personality with all of the quirks and shadows. There’s a lesson to be learned here about what happens when we are not true to ourselves. We may survive, but at what cost? Our connections become superficial because we cannot be ourselves. We have to play the character that is acceptable to others. Eventually, creating a wound that carries forth over time. We heal this through embodying the energy of Aries: to be strong enough to stand our ground based on even when the social costs seem high. There are external expectations which are placed upon us. If they go against who you are at your core, it is time to shift the perception and bring it into alignment with who you KNOW yourself to be.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn – All reversed  

                A test of faith. Will you continue to believe that life is of value and worth pushing to be more/do more/love more or will the barriers cause your faith to waiver? Perhaps you have become so sure that everything will work out that you take unnecessary risks because you so fully believe that you will succeed. Yet, Capricorn is a sign of planning for the pitfalls in order to succeed. The sea-goat is a realist and we will all benefit from facing the world directly. Not turning to fantasy or projections to deal with the frustrations or fears we experience. Instead, like the sea-goat, be prepared for scaling the highest mountains and swimming the deepest strongest waters.

We do not control the external world.


Influence – Align – Adapt

Can you release the need for control? Can you allow yourself to be free?

Emptying ourselves to our core- not buying into our own hype or the stories they tell of us as the savior, the hero, the villain, or whatever role we align with. Just to be as we are and stare into the abyss – a space of pure creation and opportunity- recognizing that that same potential exists in us.

Uranus in Taurus

How do we achieve individuation? From this perspective, we have identified with what we own. The material becomes our identity. Perhaps our things are representations of who we want others to believe that we are.

What do your things matter if you do not know who you are?

Your stuff then turns into a control mechanism. Constantly preying upon the idea that we are lacking and that the person that we aspire to be is always just one purchase away. This does little to correct issues that are socially and psychologically driven.

Yet, Taurus is a sign of the earth. It is hearty, creative, sustaining, and protective. It does not aspire. It is and continues to be.

Finding the ground underneath your feet and the truth of your soul gives you a freedom that external objects never will be able to provide.

We are driven to be free, to be valued, and to be honored. Playing the role you have been given by others will be very tempting right now. Only do this if it is your in alignment with your purpose.

Know that the only we can do this for ourselves. In these moments of forced reflection from the planets in retrograde, feel that flicker of fire within you. It has not been extinguished by the loss, fear, and confusion of 2020. It has been kindled. The embers gently burning, waiting for the fire to be stoked again.

Neptune in Pisces

                Are our projections ever real? Are we able to discern our fictions from reality or are they the same? Neptune in Pisces brings our subconscious into the conscious, our deepest stories into reality. The veil of the underworld has been lifted. The separation between the upper world and lower world exists only in bits and pieces.

In times such as this,

living is shadow work.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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