Welcome to Autumn – The Season of Air – The Season of Oya

There are several energies that I enjoy learning and working with. There’s only been one that I have hesitated to talk about or discuss. As I began to walk down the path of Goddess traditions and pagan related practices, there was so much to learn about. I was so excited, but also still working to decentralize a Western Christian framework as the primary lens that I view the world through.

This is not an easy thing to do and I continue to work on it daily. Part of that has been connecting with paths related to my ancestry. As a descendent of enslaved Africans born, raised, and currently living in the USA, I did not learn a lot about a many of the religious and spiritual systems in Africa outside of ancient Egyptian practices. Thus, I started a journey. To learn more about what the beliefs were and currently are of those who came before me. With a majority of my ancestry being in West Africa (Nigeria, Mali, Benin, Togo, Ghana) I have taken to reading and learning about their practices.

Like many, I gravitated towards Nigeria. Information was fairly accessible and the Ifa system of the Yoruba people is enthralling. You start learning a bit here and there. Connecting with local groups. It calls to you and yet…do you become initiated? Do you have a reading done to see if this is the path for you? Do you have a reading done to see who rules your head? There are rules, parameters, and expectations.

You sit with this. With all of it, because for me there are other paths that call to me.

Isis. Coatlicue. Inanna. Mary. Magdalene. Kuan Yin

The Green Man. Dionysus. Jesus. Cernnunos.

When a religion and practice is closed, what is available to you? Honor, appreciation, education.

Wisdom that can be derived from learning what you can from outside, but knowing that you will never have the full experience.

Thus, it is humbly with respect that I begin to share my personal journey with what I feel most comfortable exploring about Oya – Orisha of Winds, Lightening, Storms, Change, Death and Rebirth. May my work and words be received with grace.

Welcome to Autumn – The Season of Air – The Season of Oya

Kamilah Rose


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