October Astrology: Scorpio Season

October 9 Mercury enters Scorpio Friends don’t keep secrets but Scorpios do. Communication in the sign of Scorpio functions on a needs to know basis. Although you may pour your heart out to Scorpion,  you’ll only realize that you learned nothing about them days or weeks later. Mercury in Scorpio pulls us towards deep conversations … Continue reading October Astrology: Scorpio Season

New Moon in Libra: Steady Like the Fulcrum

Let’s talk new moon in Libra. Yes yes love yourself and each other. Blah blah reexamine your relationships and release those that don’t serve you. I’ll say as a Libra this is been a great season for me. Very busy and I’m tried all the time but just so many good things. Now yes, politics … Continue reading New Moon in Libra: Steady Like the Fulcrum