Full Moon in Taurus: The Shadow Takes the Stage

Sun in Scorpio

A call to face our true self, ego, and shadow. From there, we are to honestly accept what we want and desire out of this world. Most folks will say that they desire love and light, yet their actions seem to say something different. There is a truth that is not being spoken. It is time for us to be honest with ourselves and each other. There is much to be learned from those who have different beliefs and goals. At this time, it will serve you well to find those who are on the same long-term path, not just those who in this moment appear to be in agreement with your values and goals. These people who share similar long-term intentions will be of great support to you as you complete this powerful and timely work.

The rub here is the pull of the Moon and Uranus in Taurus which is activating our desire for emotional and radical stability through creative expression. It is the contrast of astrological opposition, where we have this calling to do this deep shadow work while also wanting to shield our emotional and mental health.

Make space for both. There is time and there is space to successfully navigate this energy. Just give it the space that they require. Your home will provide the perfect womb to hold you as we dive into the subconscious to face our shadow. One needs a space that is supportive and nourishing (see Taurus, we can have both) in order to feel safe enough to do work that that can feel threatening to one’s conscious identity.

Moon and Uranus in Taurus

Conjunct each other

Slow down. Take a step back. Make space for the silence and stillness of the underworld. I attribute Earth signs to Inanna and she is the perfect energy to commune with during this full moon in Taurus. Her descent into the underworld provides a framework that you can use to guide your own shadow work. This full moon as we face our shadow to unite our fragmented self, this will bring about the healing that has been hinted at around our self-worth with Uranus in Taurus.

Sensual pleasures offer us the chance to connect the emotional, mental, and physical bodies together. Savor your meal, take a deep breath, embrace passionate touch, soften your gaze, and listen deeply.

Mercury and Venus in Libra

Mercury square Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn

The trickster is pulling the back the curtain to reveal what is in need of balance and justice in our communities and society. Where do we need a little bit of love? Spend some time listening, speaking and engaging in communication. The other provides us with external forms through which we can better understand what needs to be healed in ourselves through our projections and for others by what is projected on us. That’s right- it’s a chance for shadow work.

Integration of the fragmented self allows expansion, exposes the restrictions we have placed upon ourselves and each other, and reveals the work that needs to be done.

Venus trine Saturn in Capricorn and opposition to Chiron in Aries

Venus on the other hand in Libra this full moon holds Saturn’s hand. Form and discipline allow us to achieve our deepest desires. At times this means we must destroy to use that energy for new creations. This creates balance. Have courage! You may have tried this before and been hurt in the process or felt that you were unsuccessful. The beauty is not in the outcome, but in the process. Balance the scales.

Mars in Aries

Square Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn

Restrict, restrain, follow this pattern, hold this belief, ignore the shadow, meet these expectations – Mars laughs in the face of these statements. Mars compels us to will make our own decisions and dares anyone to challenge that stance. What do you desire? What do you feel passionate about? Pursue that. Point your will towards that effort. When you meet a wall, feel overwhelmed, or fearful remind yourself of the warrior that you are. Each individual who is alive is a warrior in some way (check out where your Mars is in your birthchart). Their will is devoted to a purpose which they pursue with fervor. Find pleasure in that mission and keep going.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn

Conjunct each other

There has been a lot of change occurring over the past year. This offers us the opportunity to be more and do more than what we thought we could. Yet, we also are constantly reminded of the boundaries that exist in different ways such as our reliance upon economic systems such as capitalism. Our values, our purpose and our worth can be tied together, but they do not have to be. Perhaps it is time to examine how these topics are connected, how this serves you, and how this creates a shadow for you.

You are worthy. You matter. You have a purpose.

Neptune in Pisces in 4th house

Sextile Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn

The 8th gate (Scorpio, 8th house, our shadow) is a liminal space of creation. It is the primordial womb through which any and everything can be created. Our home space or the places that nurture us such as nature create spatial patterns to bring us back into the fold of oneness. The illusion of separation is clearly displayed on the widescreen of our psychological family room.

 Our dreams, creative expressions, and spirituality provide us with a glimpse into what exists beyond our physical senses. This is a powerful time for manifestation, but one should be mindful of what your will truly desires. This is why the descent is so important. It brings us face to face with our truth. As within so without. While all this internal work is happening, there is external work to be done as well. Take a look at the physical items that you own. What do they represent for you? Are they in alignment with your truth or are they projections of your shadow? Perhaps they are both.

Do the inner work, do the outer work. Rest, love, and find peace.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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