Enchanted: The Descent

It’s officially fall. A season of transition and change. Whether you are entering the underworld in the Northern hemisphere or leaving the underworld in the Southern hemisphere this is a time for exploring what we have learned over the past two seasons. Our biggest lessons may have come from the past season as we processed our feelings towards ourselves, others, our career, family, our purpose and society during the summer. Summer as the season of diving deep within the waters of our psyche closes with the perfect full moon in Pisces to help us turn our lessons into dreams for the future. We are now granted the chance to access our findings and face what is holding us back from expansion.

When we are looking at the effects of astrology on shifting with the seasons we find that there is no cookie cutter way to approach any season or time of our life. There are general practices which we can make a part of our rituals such as cleansing our home, personal spaces, and physical forms but creating or tuning into our specific needs allows for us to elevate our practices. Thus, understanding your personal relationships to your astrology, numerology, spiritual practices and sacred space gives us an edge in navigating our various experiences.

As we move fully into Fall or Spring, depending on where you are located, spend some time tuning into yourself. Sit and explore your feelings, thoughts, and past intentions. Our shadow is only a mystery to us because we continue to turn away from it preferring to focus on our light. Fall is the season of reflection where we weigh our actions, thoughts, and heart to see what needs to be put to rest either to be decomposed or retrieved after winter passes into the energy of springs rebirth.

We have experienced a lot this year. Do not fear letting go of what you think makes you who you are. You are more than your name, your titles, your dreams, your fears. You are starlight flashing through this life; moment by moment.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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