Where Venus and Mars Meet: Passion and Desire

You all know of my fascination with Mars and it’s relationship with Venus. I really adore working with this energy and discovering how I personally relate to these planets via my birth chart. I always suggest that you review your own birth chart to better understand your own energy and how these planet will impact you.

Overall Mars is the planet which gives us the desire to live. Although it is best known now as a planet of war, Mars originally was associated with the life giving aspects of green man, vegetation, and the gardener/farmer. Mars was the passion that drove us to get up in the morning and face the day. The ability to fight for survival. Our desire to connect and expand. The will to live. Without Mars we are dull, hesitant, and apathetic. We all know folks who just seem to have a spark or we have witnessed individuals light up when they are able to do or focus on something that really excites them.

Mars is associated with Aries – the Ram/The Life/Light Bringer and Scorpio – The Scorpion/ Death. This showcases the polarity of Mars – that of giving life and taking it away. These areas are inherently connected. You cannot have one without the other. Where there is life, there is death. Mars oversees both of these areas sharing the sign of Scorpio with Pluto. To live is to have the greatest courage, but it takes just as much courage to face the ending of things. Death or change can occur in every area of our life. From our relationships, to our beliefs, physical form, spirituality, community, and material items – everything ends at some point as the world is always changing. The ability to accept this change and move forward – to be reborn is ruled by Mars.

When you feel stuck in a situation or state, tap into Mars to get things moving. If you fear this change and letting go, Mars can also help you to release and let go. Mars will cut the ties that have held you within the underworld. You will have to make the choice though to accept this assistance and be brave enough to know when you need help. Through Mars we become the phoenix, rising through from the depths of the underworld in Scorpio into the fires/wisdom of Sagittarius.

Venus is also associated with passion. Whereas Mars is the passion of life, Venus is the passion of relating to the other. The coming together and shift from I to We. The planet of love, art, beauty, justice, and judgement. All aspects associated with Venus describes a relationship. Love can be between many things including the self. Art is made and observed by the self/other. Justice highlights the relationship between cause and effect. We receive justice when the outcome of actions are a direct relation or reflection to the cause. Venus holds the task of judgement as the ruler of Libra, the ruler of the scales and guardian of the gates to the underworld. This is highlighted by the fact that the astrological location of Libra is a part of Scorpio’s constellation. They are tied together working hand in hand – just like Venus and Mars.

Venus connects us to Mars as its polarizing force exemplified by its rulership over Taurus the opposite of Scorpio and Libra the opposite sign to Aries. Venus serves as the grounding earth and wise air elements to the active fire and the healing waters of Mars. Mars brings us life, drive, the will to do and be more. Venus then grounds that energy in the reality of physical world through engaging our senses to manifest the desires. We then meet our pair again, Venus weighs the outcome of Virgos assessment finding the beauty in the act of us clearing/cleansing- a skill that relates to finding the perfect balance – an art. Upon judgement, Venus leads us to the gates of the underworld handing us over to the healing waters of Mars as Scorpio, who takes what needs to be released and extinguishes it. Washes us anew and sparks that fire of rebirth within us before we spread our wings and rise from the underworld.

It’s kinda magical huh?

This conjunction or union of Mars and Venus takes place in Leo, the Lion. The sign of courage, the sun, and creativity. We may experience a great release, rebirth, or connection. This will take great courage – to follow your dreams, to honor the interests of your inner child, to wildly embrace your inner fire of creativity.

There is also the side of Leo’s that are the defenders. If you’ve been waiting for the moment to establish your boundaries, this is a great time to do so as you will not be in the mood to take any mess from anyone. Leo’s a too fine and too fire to put up with disrespect. Get ready for folks to be defensive and stubborn. This may not bring out the best in everyone. Leo’s can be liars to protect their image or those that they care about. This allows them to create the narrative that better aligns with their vision of how things should be. Luckily for them, as the sun they have power to shine their light where they please and control the shadows. This makes things usually work out for them. If you find yourself under the glare of the sun within the shadow of Leo, taking an Aquarius approach will be helpful. Focus on what is best for the group and call it as you see it. Detach a bit so that you are able to see clearly in the blinding light and create a clear plan to approach the issue.

Lastly, our values may be called to question during this time. Get clear and prepare to defend your truth. There’s no need to compromise your values or beliefs to fit in or go with the flow. There’s also no need to stick to your beliefs just because that’s what you’ve always believed. Although Leo can be stubborn, this will not serve you at this time. It will leave you stuck, with quite a bit that needs to be accessed when Venus moves into Virgo. The more you hold on to the more that will need to be released in Scorpio.

Step into the light loves, dance in the glitz and glam. You deserve to get to shine, be loved on fiercely, and express yourself proudly.

See you all soon,

Kamilah Rose


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