12 Universal Laws: Vibration-Life in Motion

PHOTO-Frequency-and-Vibrations.jpg (800×500)Greetings beloveds,

I hope you all are doing well! Today we look at the second Universal Law of Vibration. I know you all have heard that all that exists is comprised of energy. That energy consists of vibrating molecules and atoms made up largely of space. Vibration rings out from our thoughts, movement, bodies, hearts, and souls. Everything is vibrating and when these energy currents meet they either will be in harmony in consonance or out of harmony in dissonance. Vibration does not know morality or emotions. It only knows the frequency with which it moves. This is what we have associated with thoughts, feelings, and items. We as spiritual beings have chosen terminologies to understand the vibrations that we experience.

Why is vibration important then? Well the vibrations that we emit will either bring harmony to our lives or dissonance depending on the vibrations that it comes into contact with. Have you ever met someone and immediately clicked? Saw a painting and felt that your entire soul had been placed upon canvas? Heard a phrase that made you catch your breath and fill with wonder? This is the experience of vibrational harmony. At the same time we can meet people, be in spaces, have experiences which cause us to be immediately turned off, stressed, or angry. This is the experience of dissonance. Later we will touch on the Law of Attraction, but right now we must understand the role that vibration plays in all things.

High-Vibration.png (454×340)

I challenge you then to extend your consciousness outside of yourself. Be the book, pillow, tomato, car, leaf, frog, cloud. These all emit vibrations as well. Sending out their drives, desires, and soul. Their being vibrates. It moves outward and pulls others in. It is without judgement simply looking to find waves that matches with it’s own. This sounds a bit trippy doesn’t it? To picture the energy that emit from the core of these different beings. There is energy to comes from your pen, your laptop, the individual keys on the keyboard, the light that comes forth from the screen, the battery that powers your computer. Every bit vibrates.

You may hear the advice to raise your vibration in order to bring to your life experiences that are joyful, fun and more desirable. Let us focus here on being aware of what our vibration is through being aware of our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Take note of when you are happiest, excited, feel loved, thoughtful, confused, angry, hurt, jealous, etc. See what the circumstances are that surround the experiences that you have. This will be your vibration treasure map. It will guide you towards knowing relationship between vibration and your feelings, thoughts, and experiences. By knowing your vibrations and yourself you can also learn the vibrations external to you. Do you find that you have different feelings associated with the same experience? Why does one differ from the other? What happened prior to this? After this experience? Love, fear, anger these never will feel exactly the same as they have various degrees of expression because they vibrate on a never ending spectrum of variety.

Awareness helps though. To be aware means that we may need to slow down. Be present. Not tap to much into what may be coming or what has been. So do you know the vibrations you are extending now? Another way to get in touch with the meaning of vibration is through food. What do you feel when you eat certain foods emotionally? Physically? Does your body feel sluggish? Do you put on mass or release mass depending on the different types of foods that you eat? it is your personal state that sends out vibrations and either will mesh well with the vibrations of the food or not. These can change as well, thus why you may have been able to eat peanuts at one point and then no longer can. Then 10 years later you again are able to consume peanuts. Now there’s much more to this so please if you are allergic to something don’t just try to change your vibrations so you can eat all the peanuts or gluten you want :).

Aura_of_Meditation.jpg (800×600)

The messages send out from the soul, form, being is powerful. Those vibrations reverberate throughout space and time. They continue on unless hindered or joined by another wave. It shapes our very lives and beings. I ask you then to be a bit more aware. Try it out and see what happens when you pay attention to your world and how you feel. See what trends you find.

With love,


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