Divination Toolkit: The Astrology Series- Fire and Earth Signs


Divination Toolkit Astrology Series

Greetings beloveds,

It’s finally here! The next astrology post in our Divination Toolkit series. This time we are covering the fire and earth signs. Enjoy!

Fire Signs:

Keywords: Passion, quick movement, hot tempers, attitudes, and hot relationships are characteristics of fire signs.

Colors:Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Blues

Element Phrase: All movement needs a spark to get it going and fire signs are the holders of that energy.

41cbb3d822475cb244f4f5c889c22500.jpg (350×350)

Aries (March 21-April 19): The Ram

Planet: Mars Direction: Cardinal Season: Spring

Color: Red Day: Tuesday Number: 1, 9

Anatomy: The head, face, circulatory system

Stones/Crystals: Jasper, Topaz, Heliotrope, Sapphire, Aquamarine, Diamond Metals: Iron

Tarot: The Magician, The Emperor (minor),

Oh yes the sign that started it all. The spark of life. The ram. Aries is the first sign of the Western Zodiac and as such carries the characteristics of being a leader and a trail blazer. Starting a new path, life, or creation can be difficult as the old ways are strong and often held on regardless of their ineffectiveness. Luckily the Ram is here to clear the way. A headstrong being who moves forward no matter the obstacles which can sometimes be to their detriment. Aries season marks then end of winter meaning it’s time for a burst of energy to break out of the frost and move back towards the sun.

As all fire signs, Aries can be distinguished by the characteristics of associated with their heads with high foreheads, strong facial features, and rules the circulatory system. Ruled by Mars, Aries can be a bit of a hot head with tempers that ca flare unexpectedly. Generally though Aries are standing up for others or those that they perceive as unable to stand up for themselves. Aries not only will start the war but they will finish it, if they don’t find another cause that calls their attention beforehand as they are great starters but not the best at finishing their projects.

Psychologically, Aries can be known for having the big head with large egos that do not take lightly to insult. Aries are great at leading the way but not always so skilled at knowing the best path. They need guidance and support as all sparks need support from the earths kindling, air’s oxygen, and water to balance them if their flames get out of hand to grow into a strong but secure fire. Aries are a sign of action and movement wanting to achieve their drive of being the “I am”. I am change. I am renewal. I am the beginning. I am the Ram.

leo-the-lion.gif (380×320)

Leo (July 23-August 22) The Lion (Tale)

Planet: Sun Direction: Fixed Season: Summer

Colors: Orange, Yellow, Gold Day: Sunday Number: 5

Anatomy: Heart, upper back, spine

Stones/Crystals: Diamond Metal: Gold

Tarot: Strength

Welcome to the Leo show that plays only when they want to be front and center. The entertainer of the zodiac, Leo’s are known for being dramatic, flamboyant and loving attention but they are only interested in that which THEY want to be recognized for. Ruled by the sun, Leo’s are warm, charismatic, and can brighten up any space they enter. Like Aries, Leo’s often find themselves in leadership positions not because they desire to lead the way but because they are chosen due to their demeanor. Honest, prideful, and with a need to prove themselves worthy of the spotlight that they find themselves in, Leo’s truly deserve to be called lion-heart souls. They are kind, considerate and unfortunately can be so self-absorbed that they do not notice the faults in those who are not as concerned with the well being of others. Thus Leo’s may find themselves in awkward situations or being taken advantage of. Luckily their wit and charm can often get them out of these social faux pas without scars.

Whereas Aries rules the head, Leo’s rule the heart. They are the final sign of the zodiac concerned with personal growth before moving outward towards external growth. They are our connection to the truest self that exists within our heart. Carrying the weight of love means they must have strong upper backs and spines. Lack of heart can lead to scrunched shoulders and weak spines. Stretching and remaining active through sports or other physical activities is vital for Leo’s. Thus, the Lion must move forward to achieve their statement of I will. I will love. I will shine. I will create. I will produce. I will move forward. I will inspire. I will honor all life and protect that which is in danger. I will roar.

archer-274bw53.jpg (500×397)

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) The Centaur Archer

Planet: Jupiter Directions: Mutable Season: Winter

Colors: Deep purple, blues (darker) Day: Thursday Number: 9

Anatomy: Hips, Thighs, Muscles

Stones/Crystals: Topaz Metal: Tin

Tarot: The Empress (Jupiter), Temperance

Ready to have a good time? Cause if so then you have definitely chosen the correct sign of Sagittarius. Symbolized by a centaur, a half-human half-horse being from Greek mythology, Sagittariuses are the embodiment of the constant battle for balance between our rational human selves and animal natures. Fun, energetic, playful, and dynamic, Sagittarians’ are the final fire sign of the Western Zodiac. They are the fire that drives our world towards radical forward movement. The embers that persist even in the darkest of winter because they are fueled from their internal knowing that all life is connected as far as their arrows can fly. Because their reach is so wide and they are driven by their instincts, Sagittarians can seem to be unfocused or flighty because they are not given to following the norms of society but their internal systems. The Archer has learned the lessons of Aries and Leo and knows that they must follow their own convictions.

Representing macro-movement and change, Sagittarian’s rule the all of the muscles and the specific limbs of forward movement the hips and thighs. They are known to be leggy, long, and strong.  This is needed as you are likely to find Sagittarians marching for a cause as they are driven not by the self such as Aries or honor as the Leo but by the need for expansion and growth. A gift from Papa Jupiter, their ruling planet, Sagittarians desire growth in all areas. They know there is so much more that we can achieve and become which excites them beyond measure. So much so that they are at times a bit to eager to get there and can jump the gun by acting without a plan or much communication. This is because they must live out their statement of being, I understand. I understand the drive for change. I understand where we are as a world. I understand where we are going. I understand what we as a wold can be. I will share my knowing and vision to inspire others to create change. I am the balance between instinct and humanity who shoots for the stars without fear.

Earth Signs:

Keywords: Steady, persistent, grounded, organized,

Colors: Greens, Yellows, Browns, Rust, Orange

Element Phrase: Earth signs are a connection to the realm of material manifestation.

Taurus-Tattoo-Designs.jpg (550×707)

Taurus (April 20-May 20) The Bull

Planet: Earth/Venus Direction: Fixed Season: Spring

Color: Pastel shades of pink, green, blue Day: Friday Number: 2, 4

Anatomy: Neck, throat. thyroid

Stone: Emerald Metal: Copper

Tarot: The Hierophant,

Happy home, happy Taurus. Ruled by Venus, Tauruses are known for being stubborn, persistent, stable, and reliable. Taurus is the first earth sign of the Western Zodiac and where Aries takes the lead Taurus sets the pace creating a space in which the spark of Aries is able to flourish and grow. A solid foundation is needed to feel safe enough to venture out into the world. Taurians are more then equipped to do so as they tend to avoid change preferring consistency and a comfortable home environment. Ruled by the bull, Taurian’s are fierce protectors of their personal space. The rulers of their pasture and their homes, Taurus’ can be quite aggressive when it comes to topics they feel passionately about. The Bull has no problem standing up for what matters most to them. They enjoy having and being beautiful homes or spaces that are comfortable and nurturing because a central part of a Taurus’s drive is to produce. Taurus’ have no problem with this as they are fertile with energy to grow and expand. These are the builders of empires. Taurus’ express themselves through domestic activities such as cooking, decorating, design, architecture, horticulture, landscaping, gardening, and textiles. A beautiful space filled with delightful music is a sign of the presence of a Taurus.

Rulers of the neck, throat, and thyroid Tauruses provide direction and support for the self. Yet they may be reluctant to speak their truth and share their emotions if they are not in a space that they feel is safe. This can contribute to their having issues with their throat chakra and balance of hormones resulting in thyroid problems. The bull can also get stuck in their ways meaning there’s little flexibility which can cause a crook in the neck, literally. Yet if a Taurus is able to focus on their making the spaces that they encounter as comfortable as possible they are able to express their statement of being, I have. I have the strength to stand up for myself and others. I have the energy to create the perfect home where I can thrive. I have the means to manifest beautiful products and goods. I have a stable and secure foundation. I have the ability to be the protector of the home. I am Taurus, the Bull.

045389311b08aae294689da39226582d.jpg (188×232)

Virgo (August 23-September 22) The Virgin

Planet: Ceres/Mercury Direction: Mutable Season: Summer

Color: Green, dark brown Day: Wednesday Number: 6

Anatomy: Intestine, the nervous system

Stones/Crystals: Sapphire Metal: Mercury

Tarot:  The High Priestess, The Hermit

Analytical sometimes to a fault, Virgos thrive in environments that are organized and methodical. Virgo’s are the analysts of Zodiac. They love nothing more than to make some form of chart, spreadsheet, or list. Master’s at the art of organizing, Virgo’s have a place for everything and everything in it’s place. This makes them excellent scholars, scientists and researchers. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo’s also thrive in the realm of technology which means this is their time to shine! Coders, gamers, and tech folks are often Virgo’s. They’ll be the first to have the latest gadget in their home, not only because it’s more efficient and takes up less space but because they love the thrill of experiencing creation in a safe environment. If you think Virgo’s are dull you are more than likely around Virgo’s who are not appreciated or being challenged. Like all Earth signs, Virgo’s don’t like SUDDEN change but they do appreciate progress and growth. As methodical beings it may be difficult to get them to do something impulsively but when that activity falls in line with their overall life plan Virgo’s are there, with the best seats, at the lowest cost, and backstage passes.

Their need for stability comes from a desire to have a calm environment in order to keep their nerves calm. That’s because Virgo’s rule over the nervous system. It’s a part of why they are so put together. When the nervous system is calm the whole body is able to function at an optimal level. Combine that with Virgo’s holding domain over the intestines and you have a group of people who are able to sort out every experience, pull out the best portions, and release that which isn’t needed. They can also tend to overcompensate and organize in order to avoid unexpected situations. This tends to contribute to the idea that Virgo’s are a bit stuffy. Let them create an environment that they feel safe in and watch them thrive.

As the first zodiac sign to be focused on external growth, Virgo’s are represented by the female anatomy and the Virgin. Not our outdated puritanical version of virginity associated with sex but the original meaning of Virgin, meaning not married, not belonging to any man or woman, a woman who was one unto herself. This is the Virgo at it’s finest. They are the conclusion of the journey to self explored through the first 7 zodiac signs resulting in a being who is then able to turn their attention to the troubles of the world around them creating order and systems. Virgo’s are the earth signs of communication through statistics, strategic plans, and creating a world in which everyone can thrive meeting their overall statement of I serve. I serve the world through analysis of it’s issues and problems to determine solutions. I serve the greater good through a perfection of current systems and releasing those that no longer function. I serve through a desire to create the best world as I can.

capricorn-black-white-astrological-zodiac-sign-tattoo-image-40107430.jpg (133×160)

Capricorn (December 22- January 19) The Goat

Planet: Saturn Direction: Cardinal Season: Winter

Colors: Subdued dark green, gray, black, brown, purple Day: Saturday Number: 1

Anatomy: The knee, bones, skeleton

Stones/Crsytals: Amber, Onyx

Tarot: Strength (Saturn), The Devil

Need someone to get things done? Find a Capricorn. When I tell people that my favorite sign to conduct business with are Capricorns they always look surprised because of my Libra nature. I tell them, they don’t understand the power of Capricorns. The final earth sign of the zodiac, a Capricorns have the stability of Taurus’ with the analysis skills of Virgo’s. They are master planners who represent the ability of earth to survive through the cold of winter. They are the hibernating plants and animals who store up their energy delving deep into their natural ability to create, thrive and grow.  Capricorns have a magical ability to take dreams or theories and turn them into reality. They are driven, dedicated and focused. Capricorns love having a plan which they can follow that they know will bring about in excellent results. They seldom will participate in something they don’t think they will do well at. Thus they are not the most adventurous sign of the zodiac but as with the other earth signs, if they are safe and supported Capricorns are always up to trying something new if it will help them achieve their end goal.

Strong, agile, and nimble like their symbol the goat, Capricorns rule over the knees, bones, and skeleton system. This means they are also susceptible to health issues in these areas. As we come from the earth, we return to the earth and Capricorns are uniquely aware of this relationship of death and rebirth. Thus their bones and skeletal system can be worn down as Capricorns attempt to climb the highest mountains to create a world that is sustainable even in the darkest hours. Climbing these social, economic, and systematic mountains can wear on one’s knees. Capricorns attempt to do these things not for themselves but for everyone else especially their families. This is the concept of the seagoat. Capricorns are not landlocked but of earth and water meaning they have a depth to them that is unique to the earth signs which allows them to cultivate the compassion through which they are able to care not only for themselves but others. Capricorns are extremely family oriented which they display through the investments, business, and retirement plans they set up for their loved ones. Security is the language of love for Capricorns allowing them to meet their statement of being, I use. I use the dreams of others to create a better world for the future. I use the resources around me to achieve what others think can’t be done. I use my ability to focus on what I can control and do well to bring order to chaos. I use my strength to help others. I use my drive to build and create a secure home for all. I am the completion of the earth cycle.

Here’s the fire and earth signs! Next week we will cover air and water then move on to the astrological houses. Have a blessed week!



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