Full Moon in Libra: Patience, Partnerships, and Trust

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Greetings beloveds,

As a Libra, you know I’m excited about this upcoming full moon. Now I am biased because I have my sun and mars in Libra so I tend to think of the positive aspects of this astrological sign but let’s be real, Libra’s can be a hot mess. As the only astrological sign without a living being as it’s glyph or symbol, Libra is represented by the scales of justice. As mentioned before, Libra’s are concerned with balance both internally and externally. We like our lives and everyone else lives to be as balanced as possible. Unless of course that person has a lot of Aries or Leo energy in their charts at which they may be quite selfish or narcissistic. Ruled by the planet Venus and rulers over the 7th House of partnerships, Libra’s can be preoccupied with any form of relationships, beauty, communication, and justice. As the morning star, Venus represents the feminine aspect of our being and universe in planetary form as both light and dark. Although Scorpios may be known for their jealous streak, Libra’s do not bode well with being wronged or unappreciated. All works of art exist to be seen, appreciated, and hopefully spark a thought. Libra’s can be more in love with the thought of a relationship then the actual relationship its self whether romantic, platonic, business or otherwise. As a cardinal sign this tends to mean Libra’s are great at starting anything, especially anything involving some form of partnership, it’s the follow through that Libra’s could improve upon. Thus this Libra full moon energy will encourage you to dream and dream big. Yet, you’ll need to harness some of that Aries season energy to get moving on making those dreams come true.

Although thought of as superficial, Libra’s are more concerned with quality than quantity. Combine that with a keen sense of judgement and you’ll find yourself with a group of folks who are determined to have the best. If that person though is unbalanced and only in the shadow of their sign their partnership with themselves may be negatively affected. This results in making poor relationship, business, and legal decisions. As there are several retrogrades in effect right now which you can learn more about here in my Quick Guide to Early Retrogrades in 2017 Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury post, it would be wise now to truly weigh the options of everything before making big choices. With the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto being in retrograde there are a lot of big changes coming in the areas of how we use/organize our time, our purpose, and our careers. This means that it is vital that you be able to see all sides of the situations and do something that is counter-intuitive to this Libra full moon energy-be patient.

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What is at the basis of patience? Faith and trust. Knowing that there’s a greater purpose and that all things will work out for your highest good. It’s not the easiest belief to hold but when we are able to rest in that knowledge it makes life feel more manageable. It is imperative that you take time to rest and relax right now. There’s a lot of change happening and that can feel very overwhelming. This will be an emotionally and mentally draining time as we are shifting not only reviewing outdated thought paradigms but emotionally charged patterns are being brought to our attention. Specifically, if you have emotional triggers associated with judgement, anger, and spite this is going to be a time for you to utilize your stress management techniques. Libras may be diplomatic but they have a side to them that is sharp as a knife and can cut you deeply verbal and non-verbally. Have you ever gotten the side eye from a Libra? The condescending “you’re so cute but so stupid” laugh? Libra’s are best at being able to manipulate others for their needs and if this is something that you tend to do or have done to you then it’s time for you to face up.

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Have faith that things will turn out as they should. If you have deals, contracts, or other discussions that must take place during this time do so in the best possible environments. I’m talking full on soft lighting, yummy food, and comfy seating. The ambiance of the environment will effect how the transaction goes over. Just as Libra’s thrive in luxurious environments so will any meetings or discussions that must take place at this time. This is a great time of the year and April will be one of the best months of this year. Get the most that you can out of this time and be prepared for success.

With love,



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