Full Moon in Capricorn: Connect to Create; Give to Receive

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Greetings beloveds,

Happy July Full Moon in Capricorn! Capricorn shines it’s light on organization, production, and manifestation. I’ve said it before and I will say it again if you want to get things done go to a Capricorn! Here’s my tidbit on Capricorns.

Capricorn (December 22- January 19) The Goat

Need someone to get things done? Find a Capricorn. When I tell people that my favorite sign to conduct business with are Capricorns they always look surprised because of my Libra nature. I tell them, they don’t understand the power of Capricorns. The final earth sign of the zodiac, a Capricorns have the stability of Taurus’ with the analysis skills of Virgo’s. They are master planners who represent the ability of earth to survive through the cold of winter. They are the hibernating plants and animals who store up their energy delving deep into their natural ability to create, thrive and grow.  Capricorns have a magical ability to take dreams or theories and turn them into reality. They are driven, dedicated and focused. Capricorns love having a plan which they can follow that they know will bring about in excellent results. They seldom will participate in something they don’t think they will do well at. Thus they are not the most adventurous sign of the zodiac but as with the other earth signs, if they are safe and supported Capricorns are always up to trying something new if it will help them achieve their end goal.

We are getting a double dose of the energy of connection and partnership this full moon. July is calling us to find our people. These connections will find us in to different ways. First, there could be a new friendship, romance, or business relationship. Or the relationships that you have could deepen in ways that you could only dream of. Throughout our lives we have gathered information on what type of characteristics we desire for others to have in our relationships. Then we file those away as we begin to interact with others continuously changing our desires as we experience more in life. Right now take moments when you can to retreat again and practice your discernment. The feminine requires time of reflection and during July we must take that time. It will provide clarity for the areas that you feel unclear of whether concerning your relationships, purpose, or even what you would like to eat for your next meal.

Capricorn blog title 2

During the Capricorn full moon, you should continue to learn and grow because as you know yourself and others better your connections will become more authentic. Capricorns as earth signs are drawn to authenticity as it is synonymous with being real. Real people, places, and things are tangible which means they can be physically manifested. And Capricorns enjoy nothing better than manifesting. Those that do not align with your true being will fall away. Often, people mention releasing as an action something that we have to actively participate in. There is another way to cleanse and that is through grasping and jumping deeply into that which fulfills us. When we do so we begin to call in more of that deep love that inspires art, poetry, and gives us the will to live. Capricorns as the ruler over the winter season are adept at letting things die off to have room for new growth come spring. Use this energy to dive deeply into what feeds you and let that which does not result in tangible (something you can touch or feel) results.

Now, we are in a time of increasing abundance. I know what you’re thinking – when and for who? This abundance may be monetary or it may be energetic. Here’s the thing, we will not be able to do it alone. This is the time for community and connections. There’s a lot of talk about how we are all one and while that sounds nice it comes across as a bunch of rubbish when put into practice. We may all be connected but do not force something that is not meant to be. Let things flow and ask for help. Do not push for a response. Let those that step up do so. We have a world to change and that just is not something that can be achieved through one person acting alone but it can be done with one person changing their behavior starting a chain reaction within those around them. For those that come closer to you add support to those relationships.

Know with certainty and then trust that the path will become clear

The most difficult part of this full moon will be accepting that there are paradigms, behaviors, and emotional connections that are not in alignment with creating the world that we desire. In a time when we are bombarded with a material existence focused on sensuality, to make the decision to sacrifice these things to achieve your dreams may be enough to sever many of the connections for you. This is the masculine energy of this time. A clear focus on your goal and doing whatever is necessary (healthy) to achieve it is the attitude to have from now until the next full moon. If you are wondering how to go about this look to our dear Capricorn friends. One of the reasons they are such great manifestors is because of their acute awareness of what comes from being unprepared which during winter is death. They are willing to sacrifice luxuries to know that during hard times they will have the resources to survive. They save, they live frugally, they do without. This is not about enjoyment it is about the meeting their goals. Take on that energy for this month. Do what you must knowing that it will not last forever. When you manifest that which you desire you can then re-evaluate your lifestyle to better fit what your next goal is. Your connections will support you. They will give you that fulfillment that the things that you are sacrificing used to. This is the balance that will make this time enjoyable and for those of us who are resistant to sacrifice these connections make this full moon bearable.

Stick with it. Know that what you desire is coming but you must keep moving towards it. You may have to let things go that you don’t want to. What is the overall goal though? Get clear! Know with certainty and then trust that the path will become clear. Through your community you will find strength internally and externally.

With love,


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