Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series-The Lovers

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

VI The Lovers

There are cards in the Tarot deck that one may think can be interpreted by the title of the card alone. The Lover’s is one of those cards. Before the hearts start fluttering past your eyes, let’s breakdown this card called the Lovers. The Lovers can be depicted in any number of ways. There may be a man and a woman with an angel or Cupid/Eros in the background. According to Eden Gray in The Tarot Revealed, when the card is presented in this way the man may be seen Adam and the woman as Eve (1960). The man is looking at the woman for guidance while the woman looks at the Angel (Gray 1960). The man is the conscious while the woman is the subconscious and the Angel is higher consciousness. As the chain of vision indicates one cannot be achieved without the other. We as the man gain access to the higher conscious through exploration and understanding of the subconscious (the woman).

Another depiction of The Lovers, and the one that you may be more familiar with has a man and two women along with an angel/Cupid/Eros. One woman is the lover and the other is the mother. The woman as the lover is a fresh start, new adventures, and the unknown. The mother represents security, tradition, and taking the safe route. The man here is faced with a choice. Does he choose his lover who he will have new experiences with and get to know his self and the world at a deeper level or does he stick with his mother and the world that he has always known. The angel represents that, from the divine he will receive assistance in making his decision. This is an important choice that must be made as it will shape the direction of the rest of his life. It is not a choice to be made rashly. Although the right decision may seem clear that is not always the case. Security has it’s perks as it is familiar and stable. It is a steady foundation from which to grow. Yet one does not want to be stagnant and sticking to what they know out of fear. One the other hand the unknown can be exciting, fulfilling, and assist us in developing who we are. One does not want to take the new route because they are suffering from shiny ball syndrome and always on the lookout for the next best thing.

The Lovers indicates connecting with your true purpose through the divine which can only be achieved by uniting our thoughts, hearts, and desires. It is making the choice between what will best serve you during this time. Is it time to relinquish the chains of what is known to you and embrace a new paradigm? Or have you created a solid world that you should embrace further and move deeper into?  Go within and FEEL for the right course of action. What are you being driven by at this time? The sacred or the profane? The Lover is the path to the Divine through attraction and earthly love. The Lover’s demonstrates to us the beauty of that which stimulates our senses. These are the things that make life vibrate around us. Love, good food, comforting spaces, and the  desire for more.


When the Lovers is reversed in a reading this indicates difficulty in making a decision, making an unwise choice, or being distracted by petty attractive options that are not in one’s best interest. When one receives the Lovers card in reverse it is time to look at what they are attracted to. You need to determine if your attractions and the decisions you make in life are reflecting your inner passions and desires. The Lovers reversed can also indicate that there is a strong parental influence or interference in your life. You are making choices based on what authority figures want for you and not based on what YOU desire. Not based on what your intuition and Divine guidance is telling you to do. If you receive this card, take a moment. Look at where you time, money and energy is and whether that is moving you forward in your journey or keeping you stuck where you are. This could be a relationship, financial situation, thought pattern, or behavior. Money, food, drink, and items are lovely but in moderation. Do not let them create chains in your life.

Numerology and Astrology

The number 6 is the number of beauty, art, partnership, and balance. This is the number of justice and fairness. When one carries 6 energy they have great discernment in all matters. This person is able to find and take in all the information on a topic and then determine what is true from what is false. They have an eye for discrimination in gray areas. In areas where the options seem to be very similar and hard to differentiate between, 6’s have an eye which can see the minute differences that exist. This eye for detail also allows for them to create art. These individuals function best in spaces that are calm, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. Those that are aggressive, demanding, and unpleasant to be around either because of their attitude, dress, or overall demeanor will find that they will not have a 6 in their life for long. Although that 6 will try to help them shift into a more pleasant and appealing state before they exit the picture. Or they may just give them the curl of the lip and move across the room. As the number associated with partnership, 6’s love relationships and getting to care for their loved ones. They are the perfect host with an inviting home and peaceful attitude. Yet, when one leans too much into the giving space they end up in unequal relationships where the 6 is always giving to others. They are out of balance. This is an easy sign to pick up on in a 6 because their external state will reflect their internal state. They cannot hide how they are feeling. Astrologically the connection to partnership, beauty, the arts and justice is reflected in 6’s rulership by the planet Venus and zodiac sign Gemini. The sign of the twins speaks to 6’s discernment abilities. Gemini’s not only see both sides of a situation they embody and experience each side. This allows for them to truly know what is the best decision or choice because they can feel the outcome of each option. Gemini’s also embody the desire to have it all. More importantly, Gemini’s can also get it all.


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