Moon Phases: Waning Gibbous Part III

Greetings beloveds,

With the work I’m doing with the moon I thought it would be good to take a look at where the moon falls in my natal chart.

Natal Chart 1

My moon is at 16 degrees Leo in the second house. My moon trines Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. It squares Mercury, Venus, and Pluto. Finally, my moon has a semisquare to Chiron in Gemini. Needless to say there’s a lot going on with my moon sign. For easy reference here’s a quick review of aspects in astrology and their degree’s apart from other planets or celestial bodies. Rarely are the aspects exact so for the Sun, Moon, and Ascendent a deviation of 6-8 degrees can be acceptable to count as an aspect. When the aspect is not exact but still falls within that acceptable deviation it is called an orb.

  • Conjunction – 0 Degree –
  • Sextile – 60 Degree –
  • Square- 90 Degree –
  • Trine – 120 Degree –
  • Inconjunct – 150 Degree –
  • Opposition – 180 Degree –

Let’s just say reading over these aspects has my face like *ouch*, but we can only improve the parts of ourselves that we recognize. That’s what shadow work is all about. With the moon ruling over the subconscious these are inner drives that occur that I am not as comfortable acknowledging or always aware of. The squared aspects speak to my insecurities, ability to be deceived, and selfishness. The Trines make a nice counterpoint to that with my positive demeanor, knack for learning, and enthusiasm for helping others. A semiquare is an aspect that is only 45 degrees so half of a square. A semisquare will show up in a real world external issue that needs to be resolved. According to the Moon square Chiron indicates,

Moon square Chiron
You are drawn to follow a non-traditional path for self-healing, and may find that those closest to you do not understand or support your choice in this matter. Your emotional comfort and security will sometimes be at stake, and the choices will be difficult for you. Nevertheless, you know that your only true healing must be holistic in nature, and that you must not compromise by giving away your power to outside practitioners.”

There seems to be way less literature on semisquares so I will dedicate tomorrow’s research and meditation to connecting to this aspect of my moon. I will share any insights I receive with you all as soon as I have processed them. There is one other relationship that the moon has that I am very interested in understanding and that is to the Dark Moon or Lilith. I’ll dive into this Thursday.

autumn moments (1)What are your moon aspects? If you are unsure head on over to and you can get your natal birth chart there. You will need your date of birth, birth time, and location. At the top of the screen you’ll see a tab marked free horoscopes. Click here and it will expand. At the end of the list there is a link marked extended chart selection. From there you can check all the planets, asteroids, and aspects that you would like to learn about.


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