The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series-The Hanged Man

Divination Toolkit Astrology Series

XII The Hanged Man

We find the Hanged Man tied to a piece of wood in the shape of a T (gallows) hanging upside down by your foot. One leg is crossed at the knee of the other forming a cross while the hands cradle the mans’ head forming a triangle. The Hanged man’s face, although in a perilous situation appears peaceful. What would you do if you found yourself in this situation? Would you fight trying to get untied? Rock back and forth trying to break free? Cry, laugh, call for help, or sit back and enjoy the ride? The Hanged Man asks us these questions when it appears in your reading.

The upside placement of the Hanged Man indicates that the world around you  is upside down. The laws of the land make little sense and you are being called to discern between how society around you is functioning and how you should interact with it. Do you follow along with the system or do you follow a higher calling? In the case of the Hanged Man, you are to go within and use your connection to the Divine to follow universal laws which supersede the mercurial law of the land. Surrender to this time of spiritual reflection. You may have find yourself having prophetic or psychic experiences. This card represents that the world around you is changing and you must develop your own way of interacting with it. This may have a sacrificial feel to it because when one goes against the grain they encounter resistance from those who find it easier to not rock the boat. These individuals do not realize that they are hanging upside down. They simple believe that this is the way the world will be from now on. You as The Hanged Man see through the eyes of Spirit which recognizes that things are not what they should be.

Just as the Strength card shows a woman who is confident and unbothered by her circumstances, we see the Hanged Man is calm in the face of chaos. When the Hanged Man shows up in your reading it indicates that the world around you is a bit crazy. You must approach the situation with a cool calm demeanor. You know that although things look bad, it’s all about perspective. While others see you as helpless and powerless to the world around you, you understand when you have gathered the information and insights you need you can reach up and release yourself from your hold. You need only stay in the situation you are in for as long as you choose to. Observe the actions of those around you. This is not a time of action or quick decisions, so be wise in what you do. You are perfectly safe even if it does not appear that way.


The Hanged Man in reverse shows a man who is upright tied in place. His hands behind his back. He is preoccupied with the material world and missing out on the opportunity to have this spiritual epiphany. This person refuses to let go. They feel they must maintain control by staying on their feet even though they are still captive. This person is not willing to sacrifice their own will to that of the divine which is calling them to view the world as it really. Because this person has already created a secure connection to the Divine but their perspective is distorted their spiritual insights are also distorted. When you receive this card in reverse you are being called to let go of your ego and look through the eyes of source to understand the world around you.

Numerology and Astrology:

The number 12 is one of a calm certainty. This number vibrates to the energy of one who has an abundant amount of wisdom and an innate connection to the spiritual world. Due to this, they view the world around them as a system that is built on illusion and fear. They see that those around them suffer because of their need to fit into this system. This number allows for others to have space of peace and wisdom. Those who align with the number 12 tend to sacrifice their connection to society for their connection to the divine. Those with this vibration tend to experience hardships but due to their disposition they remain their composure navigating the tumultuous waters of reality with ease and grace. Jupiter and Neptune rule the Hanged Man. Jupiter brings on the expansion of the mind and spirit to bring one out of the illusions of Neptune.


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