Moon Phases: Waning Crescent Part I

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Greetings beloveds,

I rose this morning thinking of the body. How the body moves and interacts with the energies of our world. The energies of the worlds that exist around us. The moon pulls on us. Physically bringing ourselves into alignment. I am feeling this intensely. I feel the draw to nest, to chat, to move, to shine. It moves with the ebb and flow of the astrological signs which align with the constellations. Yet, I would like to complicate this narrative over the next few days as we reach the new moon.

I looked it up and Mondays’ Moon was in the same phase and illumination as the Moon was at my birth. Yet that Moon was 34% illuminated at 16 degrees in Leo in the 5th house at my birth time and on Monday the moon was in Taurus and 34% illuminated. At face value these seem like small differences but astrologically they are astronomical. When the moon is in a certain sign, phase, house, position it changes the way it interacts with us and our environments. We experience things differently and our perception defines our reality. My dear fellow Priestess Morgan said it best, the moon represents the energy of the day while the moon represents the energy of about a month. When we observe the moon where it currently is, where it was at our birth, and where it will be we are able to distinguish patterns. These patterns give us the ability to better understand how we and others may behave and feel during this time. From this we are better able to create our lives. This is not a perfect system. It requires us to have faith, reflect and be systematic.

If you’re wondering how do I do this? Look no further, because at the end of this moon phase journey there will be an outline that I can share with you all on connecting with your own moon cycles. I believe this is the point of doing this work. I have found there is not anything that I do that is only for myself but for others. We need to connect with the now and be present while also planning for the future. The moon broadens our perspective. We realize as we connect with the moon that every moment is an opportunity to shift. We do not have to wait for the full moon, new moon, eclipse, birthday, or grand trine. We can act even by being still. That is the lesson I am looking to learn now.

See you all tomorrow,



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