The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series-The Star

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

XVII The Star

A woman kneels her hands holding two jars, one jar pours the waters of life onto the Earth and a second jar which pours water into a pool. Next to the woman is a bird or butterfly in a tree. High above them an 8 pointed star surrounded by 7 smaller stars, shines brightly lighting up the sky and giving hope to the future.

The Tower brought us sudden change through an innovative new idea or transition which changed your world dramatically. You were forced to relinquish your hold to the material world and its trappings. You expanded your belief system, realizing that there must be a balance between the spiritual and material world. The Star card represents the hope that remains when our worlds fall apart. When the Star card comes up in your reading try to remain positive about the situation at hand. Things have fallen apart so you to have the opportunity to create a better world for yourself. This is new chance for you. Take this chance and make a plan for what you want to achieve then follow that plan through to its completion. When the Star card comes up in reference to a goal it suggests that you may have a difficult time finishing what you start. Empty the jars and move on.

The Star card also arrives in your reading to remind you that there must be a balance between the material and spiritual world. The soul gains freedom and understands truth through life experiences. This can only occur when we are brave enough to go beyond our comfort zone. The Star is the guiding light which stirs our soul when we are unsure of what is to come next for us. The material world is not always the physical things around us it also is our heart that guides us. The spiritual world is not always this otherworldly energy of an all-powerful God or Goddess. It is our internal connection with Spirit. These are portions of our character that must be built up to guide us. It is our internal compass that, like the North Star represented by the 8 pointed star, can always orient us when we are lost or confused. Pour your energy equally into developing your heart and soul. Let them guide you.


The Star card in reverse represents having a pessimistic view of the world. When the shift from the Tower occurs one can look up creating a new world or one can stay focused on all the things that they used to have. Creating a viewpoint that is stagnant. When you are focused on what was or what could have been you miss the opportunity to create a new path for yourself. The rubble will fall and there is nothing you could do about what was. You can only work on what remains. Take heart! Everything you need is available to you.

Numerology and Astrology:

The number 17 combines the energy of one with that of 7. This is the number of the personal journey towards investigation and information gathering. You have an inquisitive mind that longs to know all that they can about life, especially the mysteries of the world. This is the energy of the detective. You are detail oriented, have a tenacious attitude, and an ability to see beyond the surface of the world around us. You develop your mind and continue to expand past the confines of our world. You dig deep and should continue to do so as there is always more to explore and understand. The other benefit of the number 17 energy is that you have the communication and social skills to package this knowledge in a way that everyone can access it. Astrologically The Star is ruled by Saturn, Aquarius, and Gemini. Saturn connects us to our internal compass which guides us and leads us towards our purpose. Aquarius and Gemini come together as explorers of the power of the intellect to gather information which can improve our world. Gemini provides that connection to educate and share this information with others through technology and conversation.



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