Moon Phases: The First Quarter

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Today the Moon is in Scorpio and the first quarter. We have moved firmly into the underworld as we begin to dive deep into the psyche. The energy of the first quarter has been termed “The Crusader” by Steven Forrest in The Book of the Moon. Today I feel compelled to plan for the future. Perhaps this is due to the tension that exists between the idealism of the crescent phase versus the reality of the gibbous phase. The waxing phases of the moon move us from introspection to outward creation. Here we find ourselves bringing the ideas and dreams that we became aware of during the darker phases of the moon into the light of fruition with the full moon. Where do you want to be? What are you fighting through the dark to create? What are you willing to sacrifice everything for? This is the time to use the momentum of breaking free of the shell to propel yourself forward to success.

I spent today figuring the numerology for the rest of this year and the next five years to begin the creation of a five year plan. This includes the personal year number, then the period number which divides the year into three equal segments, ending with the numbers for each month. This provides an overview of the general numerological energy for the next five years. From this I will begin to map out a plan of when are the best times to move forward with different aspects of my plans such as vacations, business, and relationship work. There are some golden months in each of these years. Hopefully, I may be able to offer this as a service in the future.

So off to finish my write up. Cheers!



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