Moon Phases: Waning Crescent in Libra and the South Node in Libra


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Greetings beloveds,

Before the Moon moves into Scorpio, here are the qualities of the Moon in Libra. Beauty, perfection, partnership, balance, and justice are key words associated with Libra. When the Moon is in Libra, we find ourselves feeling drawn towards finding and expressing our personal expression of beauty through many forms such as adornment, art, or dance. You may also feel like developing closer partnerships through friends, family, business, or with nature. Be mindful of avoiding conflict in an effort to maintain the peace as Libra’s are notorious for repressing anger, frustration, and other feelings that they do not believe aligns with their beautiful nature. Lastly, you may also find yourself contemplating what perfection means to you. Accepting that you are perfect as you are right now will make this time much easier especially before the Moon moves in Scorpio taking us deep within our psyche. Libra Moon’s call our attention to the hips, kidneys, and bladder so be mindful of what you consume during this time that can either negatively or positively effect this organs and body parts. Great ways to care for yourself during this time include drinking lots of water and gentle hip opening stretches.

It is fairly easy to find the position of your North and South Node. You can use a general natal chart program, I personally use, or you can find a list of the dates where the NN was online by googling it. This will not let you know what house your Node was in though so it is worth it to use a program that will allow you to see your full natal chart. Accessing your chart will also let you determine what moon phase your SN is in.

My North Node is at 2 degrees Aries in the first house and my South Node (SN) is 2 degrees Libra in the seventh house with a moon that is 23 degrees Leo in the fifth house. All of this might sound like mumbo jumbo to you but it does serve a purpose. Earlier we found that I was born in the Waning Crescent phase of the Moon cycle with my Moon 281 degrees out from my Sun in Libra in the 7th house. The same system can be used with the nodes of the moon to see where the SN is in relation to the Moon. By counting counterclockwise from the placement of my SN to my Moon we find that my Moon is also in the Waning Crescent phase 214 degrees ahead of the SN. What does all this mean? My SN indicates that I have learned the value of relationships, partnerships, and the importance of justice. Now it is time to learn how to balance that life lesson by understanding the gifts that Aries energy brings about being a solid individual who is able to express and fully know themselves. My energetic journey is shifting from we to me in a healthy manner specifically about sovereignty and expressing anger. Basically, take the attributes both positive and negative of the sign and house that your Nodes are in and this will let you know what lessons you have already learned and the ones you need to learn during this life time.


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