Full Moon in Aquarius: The Power to Turn Thoughts into Reality

Full Moon Readings New

Greetings beloveds,

Welcome to August! The Full Moon is in Aquarius and we are feeling the call to be innovative, unique and forward thinking. Later today you’ll find the breakdown for a Full Moon in Aquarius which completes our moon cycles workshop. Soon we will have this workshop up and available to you so you can personalize your relationship with the Moon.

The Full Moon in Aquarius highlights our drive towards creating a new world for ourselves and each other. It calls our attention towards where we personally find the power and drive to bring these new ways of being into the real world. You may find yourself deep within your thoughts building systems, projects, and theories which you know will transform our reality. If you find yourself feeling limited because of practical barriers such as financial or social support, use this time to ground your dreams with the material world though your solar plexus third chakra. Here’s a fantastic third chakra meditation to listen to while wearing your favorite yellow outfit and fueling yourself with foods that are kind to your tummy.

Let us speak on social support and feeling connected. It is an easy thing to say, “we are all connected and you are never alone,”. It is not so easy to make someone feel that way. When we are in times ruled by the air signs we find ourselves deep in our thoughts looking at patterns and systems. This does not always lend itself to feeling connected to others or Spirit if we do not connect our thoughts with our feelings. While being detached to say a particular outcome or material thing can provide a feeling of freedom, feeling detached from your higher-self, God, Spirit, and living physical beings can create a sense of isolation. Practicing the above meditation will help but so will meeting for quick chats, phone calls, or attending events with those who you can connect with. Finding your support system is not always easy but it will happen. There are others who will support you it just might not look like what you have envisioned in your mind.

Aquarius Full Moon Quote.png

That is the lesson of the Full Moon in Aquarius. What we create in our mind is just that a thought, a hope, a dream. A lot happens between turning that thought into a reality. Hold on to the essence of your dream. Detach from the specifics that limit you, which only you will know. Create the foundation and let the world fill in the rest for you. Have hope, remember Aquarius is represented by The Star (17-which also represents the number for this year) card in tarot. When you connect to your solar plexus, find your powerhouse of hope. Hold on to it. Nurture your hope until it becomes real. Then dream again.



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