Moon Phases: Moving from Capricorn to Aquarius

autumn moments (1)Greeting beloveds,

Today the Moon is moving from Capricorn to Aquarius in its’ final stages waxing gibbous phase before it becomes a Full Moon. Do you feel it? The energy is becoming lighter as we move from Capricorn to Aquarius. We are becoming less concerned with showing our strength through our hardships instead expressing our strength through our capacity to create a vision of the future. You’ve done the hard work.  Do you look around now and wallow in thoughts of what could have been or do you look up letting the wind gently brush your face carrying your thoughts forward into what can be? Today’s a great day to take stock of what energy you want to have as we move into the Full Moon. Do you want to be the clingy insecure Capricorn or the surefooted creator Capricorn? Make your choice and then see where the Aquarian energy tomorrow takes you.



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