Soul Work: 7 Day Chakra Cleanse

Greetings beloveds,

“You’re hot then you’re cold

You’re yes then you’re no

You’re in then you’re out

You’re up then you’re down”

Katy Perry’s song describes the current state of weather pretty well huh. One day it’s raining and cold the next it’s a sunny windy hot day. Just as the season is going through some birthing pangs, we are as well. It is during this time of great change that it is wise to take a break from our normal routine to adjust. For the soul, developing a ritual or new habit can reset our energetic patterns. A simple way to accomplish this is to clear your energy centers. Here’s my 7 Day Chakra Cleanse for the Soul. Mix and match to suit your tastes/needs. I’ve found that it’s easiest to make a smoothie in the morning with the chosen foods and then eat as you feel called for the rest of the day. The morning smoothie sets the energy for the day and brings your attention towards balancing that energy center. Finish your day with a meditation of your choice.

Day 1- Root Chakra

To Sweeten: piece of chocolate, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, rose, hibiscus, raspberry, dong qui

To Cleanse: Red cabbage, beetroot, radishes, peppers, red onions, tomatoes, chillies watercress, and parsley.

Day 2 – Sacra Chakra

To Sweeten: Oranges, peaches, apricots, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves

To Cleanse: Pumpkin, peppers, carrots

Day 3 – Solar Plexus Chakra

To Sweeten: Lemon, bananas, grapefruit, mango, turmeric, calendula, milk thistle

To Cleanse: Grains, peppers, squash

Day 4 – Heart Chakra

To Sweeten: Green apple, kiwi, lime, pears, green grapes, avocados, rosemary, cayenne, hibiscus, rose, lavender

To Cleanse: Dandelions, kale, celery, cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, green beans, peas, leeks, and spinach

Day 5 – Throat Chakra

To Sweeten/Cleanse: Sage, thyme, blue berries, blue spiralina, chamomile, marshmallow

Day 6 – Third Eye Chakra

To Sweeten/Cleanse: Black berries, holy basil, mugwort, purple grapes

Day 7 – Crown Chakra

To Sweeten/Cleanse: black grapes, plums, violet (flower), lavender, calendula, ginkgo, gotu kola


Spring Equinox 2018 Love Reading: Love in a Time of Union and Chaos

Spring Love

Greetings beloveds,

This spring we are all about love. So what’s the deal? We are choosing love over hate and ignorance. If you are in a situation whether romantic, platonic, or otherwise try to stay in a space where you feel loved and safe. The foundation we create now will affect what we harvest in the fall and winter. So what do you want growing in your fields? Bitterness, envy, regret? Oh no we are planting seeds of love, care, balance and healing. Choose love each time you are offered, always for your highest good.


Take your time this April. There is more to the situation than what you are aware of. While you are healing, others are healing. When we heal, this sometimes causes us to act out of character. That behavior while not excusable, may be out of the norm. Take a moment to examine the situation within context putting your own safety as the top priority. If needed seek an external source to provide you with insight into the situation. Divination tools, counselors, and others are available to help you see what is really happening within your heart and that of others. Do not let yourself be abused because you believe you must put up with anything less than the best. Take that time with yourself. You are love. You are peace. You deserve the best.


There is a special union taking place within a romance, friendship, family, or with yourself. It is a blessed union because you have taken the time to let your heart be free and open to accepting yourself. Now, you will join with others or completely be with yourself. Let your heart be filled with joy.


Just as in our general energy reading we are entering a difficult or confusing time our hearts are experiencing the same energy. You are powerful beloved! You are working through your issues, integrating your shadow and finding internal/external union. This is not something that someone who is weak could do. You are stronger than you think but you must believe that. Sometimes this means releasing or cutting those who are draining you out of your life. You may need to speak clearly and directly from the heart. Or perhaps you need time to go within and let the inner powerhouse take the lead. This is a great time to work on your solar plexus chakra and connect this with your heart chakra. Find your power space and let this fill you giving you strength to move beyond this time.

Full Moon in Aquarius: The Power to Turn Thoughts into Reality

Full Moon Readings New

Greetings beloveds,

Welcome to August! The Full Moon is in Aquarius and we are feeling the call to be innovative, unique and forward thinking. Later today you’ll find the breakdown for a Full Moon in Aquarius which completes our moon cycles workshop. Soon we will have this workshop up and available to you so you can personalize your relationship with the Moon.

The Full Moon in Aquarius highlights our drive towards creating a new world for ourselves and each other. It calls our attention towards where we personally find the power and drive to bring these new ways of being into the real world. You may find yourself deep within your thoughts building systems, projects, and theories which you know will transform our reality. If you find yourself feeling limited because of practical barriers such as financial or social support, use this time to ground your dreams with the material world though your solar plexus third chakra. Here’s a fantastic third chakra meditation to listen to while wearing your favorite yellow outfit and fueling yourself with foods that are kind to your tummy.

Let us speak on social support and feeling connected. It is an easy thing to say, “we are all connected and you are never alone,”. It is not so easy to make someone feel that way. When we are in times ruled by the air signs we find ourselves deep in our thoughts looking at patterns and systems. This does not always lend itself to feeling connected to others or Spirit if we do not connect our thoughts with our feelings. While being detached to say a particular outcome or material thing can provide a feeling of freedom, feeling detached from your higher-self, God, Spirit, and living physical beings can create a sense of isolation. Practicing the above meditation will help but so will meeting for quick chats, phone calls, or attending events with those who you can connect with. Finding your support system is not always easy but it will happen. There are others who will support you it just might not look like what you have envisioned in your mind.

Aquarius Full Moon Quote.png

That is the lesson of the Full Moon in Aquarius. What we create in our mind is just that a thought, a hope, a dream. A lot happens between turning that thought into a reality. Hold on to the essence of your dream. Detach from the specifics that limit you, which only you will know. Create the foundation and let the world fill in the rest for you. Have hope, remember Aquarius is represented by The Star (17-which also represents the number for this year) card in tarot. When you connect to your solar plexus, find your powerhouse of hope. Hold on to it. Nurture your hope until it becomes real. Then dream again.


Full Moon in Leo: Finding Your Worth

d751c71cf7697ea14b5468d351de3507.jpg (564×1042)

Greetings beloveds,

We are rocking and rolling in the 28 Days of Love here at The Bliss Institute but that doesn’t mean we won’t be honoring the cycles of the moon and Earth. So here’s to February’s full moon in Leo.

Leo the Lionhearted fire sign are known for their outgoing personality’s and love of the spotlight. I have to say though for someone with a moon in Leo, this sign is more complex then what it may appear to be. Being comfortable in leadership positions does not mean seeking them out. Because of the energy associated with Leo’s others come to them for their confidence and know how. Since Leo’s don’t like to waste their time and have a knack for knowing what needs to be done to complete pretty much anything they often find themselves taking the lead. As a fixed sign, Leo’s are not very open to change. Once that plan is in place they prefer to stick to it and keep things moving because Leo’s are all about momentum. This is also how they tend to approach relationships once they are in they give it their all. Though they won’t believe it’s their fault when their inviting personality may be perceived as flirting. Ask a Leo to really examine their behavior and they will rather reluctantly admit that they do tend to flirt even when they don’t mean to (it just makes life easier and Leo’s are all about ease).

This full moon we are encouraged to examine the one area that Leo’s secretly have a very difficult time with, self-esteem. Hidden underneath all of Leo’s boisterous ways and fun loving soul lies a continuous questioning of whether they are good enough to receive all the light and love that is bestowed upon them. So if you have found yourself questioning your purpose, having imposter syndrome, or nitpicking your physical features it’s time to go within. Seek the sunshine within your self and let your light come from within. Other’s cannot determine your worth although we often believe that they do. Placing their approval of our work, our passions, our relationships shape how we feel about ourselves. It’s not up to them to say whether you are good enough. You must determine that you are worthy. Forgive yourself. If you feel that there is something that you should be or have done be gentle with yourself. Become your friend not your enemy. There’s enough of those that exist in the world around us so be your own champion.

When you begin to see that the contributions that you make to the world are unique and important you can tap fully into the wisdom that you hold. Leo’s are able to make such strides in the world because they are deeply tied to to the solar plexus and sacral chakra. Even when they may doubt their own worth they seldom doubt their intuition. This full moon in Leo encourages us to tap into that sense of power and knowing both internally and externally. Doing so will give you access to the ability to know what is needed to move forward in what you would like to manifest. Leo’s finish what they start and if you have been wanting to make a change use this time to sit down, tap into those knowing centers, and get it done. You are geared towards success with your endeavors. I mean Leo’s aren’t exactly known for not being successful. So make those first moves and expect to achieve what you desire.

While you are working on forgiving yourself perhaps it’s time to examine whether there are other’s that you need to forgive? Has someone hurt you or caused you doubt yourself and what you can do? Release that connection. Forgiveness does not mean that what that person did was right. In fact if you feel that that you do not need to forgive anyone look at it as letting go of your energetic connection to that person. Victory is written in the stars for us at this time if we are willing to deal with our self-esteem issues, forgive ourselves, and tap into our inner truth through the wisdom that we hold.

Let go of any ego or pride that keeps you in situations that are not conducive to your growth or your plan. You may lead the pack but you cannot carry the pack. Everyone has to do their own fare share and sometimes they may not do as much as we would have liked for them to. Release that connection of expectation. Are you doing all that you can? Are you listening to what your inner wisdom is prescribing to you? Then that is enough. It doesn’t matter if it’s simply taking care of your responsibilities for a day or taking a mini me moment where you just breathe for 5 minutes. You are enough and all that you do is enough.

So go out and have fun, be the life of the party, take on that promotion at work, go on that blind date, sign up for a organization, step into the sunlight. Perhaps it’s time to take the first Leo lesson: fake it til you make it and if that doesn’t work just keep roaring until you get what you need.