Moon Phases: Waning Gibbous in Pisces

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Greetings beloveds,

Today the moon is 94% illuminated in the sign of Pisces. While the moon is in Pisces we find ourselves in a dreamy state. Aquarius asked us to think outside the box and begin to mentally construct our life’s design. Now we pull the soul into the conversation which holds our spiritual knowledge that exists outside of time. Pisces feels it’s way to a solution. This energy today will not allow anything that does not align with what is in your heart to remain in your presence. If you find yourself emotionally reacting to others, crying over puppy or cat videos, expressing anger, frustration, happiness, or unbridled joy-that is the moon in Pisces showing you the areas in your life that are either in need of healing or are healed. Pay attention to everything that elicits an intense reaction from you. Those are the parts of your life that need to be examined through therapy, mindfulness, or other modalities.

If you find yourself not having noticeable emotional responses to experiences today that’s perfectly normal. Perhaps the Pisces moon is drawing you inward to focus on your dreams. Take a swim with the Pisces fishes without any limitations. Sometimes when our lives feel too painful we attempt to not feel by numbing our emotions with things like food, drama, sex, tv, books, sports, cars, or whatever takes our mind off of what we do not want to feel. Being creative allows for us to explore our desires. So take a nap, a walk, talk with a friend that you are on good terms with, journal, or just sit for a moment. This is the perfect time to reconnect with your deepest desires that you might have disconnected from. Today you can experience internally what following your heart could bring you.  When you come upon a choice or an interest see if it makes your heart smile or feel a bit down. If your heart feels warm and light follow that path. Tomorrow the moon will move into Aries and you can begin to birth your dream into reality.



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