August Journal Prompt

  Greetings beloveds, We are feeling the heat which moves us towards our dreams. Here is your August Journal Prompt: Summer Embroidery by Susie Clevenger "Summer embroiders sunflowers in grass heat stitched in yellow and green". Write 10 things that make you smile. Then go and do, be, or create one of those things. The … Continue reading August Journal Prompt

July Journal Prompt

  Greetings beloveds, Happy 4th of July!! Here is your journal prompt for this month: Sunburnt July by Susie Clevenger "The bay splashes me with mirrored water until my daydreams surrender to the waves".   Last month we journaled the next step on our path. This month what are you summer dreams? When you find … Continue reading July Journal Prompt

New Moon in Pisces: The Dream of the Ram and the Goat

Let’s talk about the energy of this time with a run-down of the current astrological placements. March 6 Venus and Mercury in Aries March 8 Jupiter Retrograde March 14 Jupiter semi-square Saturn March 17 New moon in Pisces; Mars enter Capricorn March 30 Sun enters Aries March 22 Mercury Retrograde in Aries What does all … Continue reading New Moon in Pisces: The Dream of the Ram and the Goat