Divination Toolkit: The Planets- Facing Our Reality

Saturn (2)

Greetings beloveds,

I turn 30 in about a month and a half. The past 3 years have drastically caused me to grow and shift. This time period from around 26 to 31 is known as the Saturn return. I have been very liberal with this age range because Saturn is one of the planets that takes longer to make a full revolution around the sun. Thus, Saturn’s affects can be felt much longer than the exact moment that Saturn returns to the position it was in when you were born. I recall that everything felt like it was up in the air waiting to crash down from around 26-29. Literally though during my ritual for my 29th birthday it felt like weight of everything shifted. All the resistance and struggles that I encountered began to dissipate. Now, I am looking at where I have been in the framework of where I would like to be.?

Saturn is associated with father time and karma. Associated with the sign of Capricorn, Saturn reminds us about the importance of long term planning, sustainability, our purpose, and reflection. This is not the energy of reviewing the fruits of our labor such as is done prior and during fall in Virgo season but the actual outcome of our plans. Did you save enough money or does your job/career provide you with enough resources to sustain you? What about your community and relationships? Your home, transportation, health, your life! Saturn takes what you are currently experiencing, what you desire to experience, and what you need to experience to move forward along your karmic path. This does not indicate that you do not have a choice or free will but that there are energetic patterns which we all find ourselves in alignment with. We have aligned with these energies since our formation. Each time we are incarnated we further, shift, and change these energetic pathways. Saturn is the manifestation of reaping what we have sown. It is the outcome of what we have done.

Our actions and desires create multiple outcomes. Some that bring us joy, hope, the will to do more, be better, and grow. Others make us feel sorrow, fear, sadness, despair, regret, or even jealously. Think of the winter solstice and holiday season. A time when many experience the hope of the new year and return of light to the world. Yet it can also be the darkest time when one feels isolated and alone. It depends on your personal experience and where you are in life. Saturn is the light within the darkness calling us to see the world around us clearly even when it does not reflect what we would like for it to. Saturn acknowledges that life can be hard but that this is a realistic result of the collective and personal energy that we have exerted.

Saturn return brings us to face our lives and allows us a change to realign with our purpose. To understand that the impact of our actions and beliefs are larger than us personally, collectively, and energetically. Spend some time examining where Saturn falls in your chart. The influence of this planet on your sign will call attention to what areas drive your long-term goals and experiences.

With love,



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