New Moon in Virgo- Examining Your Attachments Through Beauty and Ecstasy

New Moon Readings (1)Greetings beloveds,

It’s the new moon in Virgo and hopefully during the full moon in Pisces you reviewed your manifestations and goals to see determined what has worked for you and what has not. From there, you can fine tune your actions and beliefs so that you are using systems that work for you. Well that time of assessment is not quite complete. This is another chance to look at what attachments you are holding on to that are restricting your ability to move and grow. 

What is holding you back? Are you still telling the same story that you have been telling for the last year, 5 years, 10 years? It is time to take the blinders off and see things what they really are. Perhaps there are external factors that are keeping you chained to certain conditions. Or maybe you have attached yourself to beliefs, people, or behaviors that are keeping you from designing the life you would like to live. It’s time to get real before the new manifestation cycle begins with the full moon in Aries in October. It is never too late to start again. Take off the shackles to that relationship, the concept of yourself, or that job. Now, that does not mean that you have to physically remove yourself from the situation unless that is the next step. This may be an energetic release that needs to occur. That can be done through cutting connections through ritual or therapy. Do what you feel called to do to cut those ties. Often when you energetically release something it will not be able to physically stay in your energy. It is the balance.

Fear of moving out of your comfort zone or being in a space where you feel like no one else understands you can keep you tied to things and people that no longer serve you. We are meant to love and be loved, so when something seems to threaten your sense of security this may cause for you to cling to what you are scared may be taken away from you. It is not easy to align with the fact that we are always loved because there are so many manifestations in this world that contradict that. The message is everywhere that you need more, you are not enough, and you won’t be loved until you become this thing. We know it is not true but it is one thing to know, another to stand in this truth, and still more to rewrite that paradigm. That is the work to focus on in your love life to yourself, partner (s), and others. Finding a way to be in love regardless of the circumstances around you.

To address your attachments and where you are standing in love, we will look at your relationship to beauty and ecstasy. First what does beauty mean to you? Is it someone’s physical appearance? Their actions, soul, or energy? Reflect on what you find to be beautiful. Beauty can be found in anything. It is a state that evokes feelings of attraction (feeling drawn to) and connection. Beauty is one expression of spirit. It is the essence that attracts us and causes connection NOT just that something is appealing to you. 

Now reflect on whether you feel that this term applies to you. Do you find yourself to be beautiful? If not, what is the disconnection? As a child I knew that I was beautiful and an amazing person, yet as I grew up I began to internalize the standards of beauty that as an overweight black girl and woman I was far removed from. I am still working on reclaiming my beauty but what helps is going back to what I knew as a child. My beauty and worth was not attached to my physical state, I was worthy just because I existed. It is not easy to hold this belief all the time but I put effort continuously into rewriting that paradigm for myself. Return to your essence. Acknowledge the beauty of your soul. Your soul attracts everything that you desire to you. Nurture yourself in ways that support your strengths of character. This will additionally assist you in the second area of concern, how do you find fulfillment and freedom? What brings you ecstasy?

Did you cringe when you read ecstasy? What does that word make you think of? Wild parties, freedom, drug use, excess, irresponsible, tempting, envy? In the same way that we invest so much into the physical aspects of beauty, this is a world that celebrates excess. Go big or go home right? You are supposed to be manifesting, generating, creating all the time. Oh no there’s no time for dreaming, resting, or sleeping cause you’ll sleep when you’re dead or you don’t get tired right? Lies! We all need to time rest, kick back and enjoy ourselves. I personally have lazy workaholic tendencies. It may take me a while to get going but I can become hyper-focused (thanks obsessive tendencies-I blame the Scorpio in my chart lol) on completing goals. This might sound great but it can become very unhealthy when I do not balance this with breaks. Excess of anything can be unhealthy so just as one balances production with rest, one must balance rest with production. Just as we put energy into completing the things that are important to us we should put energy into giving ourselves time to feel unencumbered and free. Define what freedom and sovereignty means to you. Then dive in.

When you release the ties that bind you through honoring your essence and sovereignty you enter a space where all things that can be achieved. It will also attract to you a support system that is aligned with abundance not fear. This will open the door to a deeper connection with Spirit. Go deeper, go lighter, go higher, go lower-find your balance.

With love,




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