12 Universal Laws: The Law of Relativity


Greetings beloveds, 

We are nearing the end of this journey through the 12 Universal Laws. I find that every time I return to exploring the 12 Universal Laws that I find another connection to my current circumstances and experiences. In this case, I read through the descriptions that others wrote on the Law of relativity and they all seemed…a bit hollow. Their examples suggested that we understand good in comparison to bad, poor to rich, or what is kindness because we have experienced a lack of kindness. How well does this explore the Law of Relativity though? Particularly as everything is framed from a relational standpoint, what does this say about our ability to shape and understand the world around us when we are always comparing to other states of being?

According to the field of physics, the definition of the Law of Relativity states that some things such as gravity, light, and space are relative to the movement/motion of the observer. For instance, distance, speed, and one’s own physical make up such as ability to see, hear, feel effects how we perceive the world around us to be manifested. These phenomena exist externally to us but are understood by us through the lens by which we observe these elements. This interaction effects how we perceive them to behave. When this is applied to abstract concepts such as light/dark, friendly/mean, beautiful/ugly, abundance/scarcity – we begin to see how our relationship to these ideas fluctuates depending on how we understand them to function. Outside of our interpretation of what is absolute, the world exists around us according to its own laws. It is not that we come to understand what is good because we have formulated a schema of what is bad but more so that our inner compass has a mutable set point which shifts according to the alignment of circumstances with our preferred experiences. It is personal.

When we remove the personal and focus on the soul connection it shifts our observation point. We are attached to the emotions and experiences of our current life in a different way. You can approach this world from a different standpoint. You can shift your relationship. You can change your point of relativity. Lol it is literally all relative. Work these Universal Laws, do not let them intimidate you. Here’s a tip to work with the energy of the Universal Laws. Pick whatever modality works best for you- crystals, incense, essential oils, tarot, oracle, dreamwork, yoga, etc. Write down each Universal Law and bring it either to your chosen tool. Intuitively, pick a crystal, oil, tarot, chakra, dream symbol, yoga pose for each Universal Law. Once that is done, connect deeply with those symbols and use them as your way of working with that particular Law. This grounds this larger energy into a more manageable familiar form.

You got this!



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